Auction: 7 Vergemount Clonskeagh … FXYR402517

For Auction AMV €855,000 for 1,022 sq ft with planning permission for a 2,712 sq ft house.

Are they off their marbles? XD

Do the vendors/Estate Agents not realise that there is no money out there, and if someone happens to have a Million in their back pocket it would not be for a doer upper at €855k.

If this makes half a mil i would be surprised.

3 bed 95 sq/m :frowning:

EA’s make big plays of FPP on properties but why do they think any buyer will be prepared to pay over the odds for a design that they would not have chosen themselves?

I would be surprised if this sells at auction even if Frank Lloyd Wright had designed the extension.


I have a thing for Art Deco and they are very hard to come by in Dublin, other than the ones on the Howth Road which is obviously a different market.
I would be willing to pay over the odds for the Art Deco element but not that much over the odds. I will be very interested to see what this goes for, would be very excited if it comes within my price range.

A bit late to the party this one !

Thankfully the banks won’t lend more than €300k on this one due to their technical nationalisation.

Stark raving fucking bonkers. I’m in shock. :open_mouth:

ridiculous guide price! I went to view this a couple of weeks ago and it’s not in great condition. needs LOADS of work done to it. The windows were original and had sticky tape covering the holes in them! If it wasn’t for the heating on full blast I’d say it’d be shockingly cold in that house. Probably has a BER rating of Z.

It might also need structural work done as I saw lots of scary looking cracks. And I was also told that whatever way Art Deco houses are built that it might lead to problems with damp.

The planning permission for this increases its size by 1700 sq ft so i’m pretty sure that the damp and cracks can be accomodated in the rebuild. It would be unusual if the cracks indicated something seriously wrong structurally.
I’m not sure who this house is aimed at and can’t seeing it selling at auction unless there is a very low reserve. If it makes 700 it will be doing well considering its size but the FPP is a red herring. If one wanted 2700sq ft of property in a prime location I wouldn’t start from here.

I don’t know if it’s a uniquely Irish think possibly not, but when a site has PP for something bigger and better, they seem to expect to be able to sell it as if the something bigger and better was already built.

Very annoying.


+1 some of the brochures actually say “subject to PP” . In other words theres some space you may/may not be able to build on… doh.

+2 and the word “potential” seems to add a few €100k onto price too

Did anyone hear if it sold?

Call Sherry Fitz and ask - 01 4969909.

didn’t sell, I called Sherry Fitz
Now quoting 899k

Interesting that Sherrys have a failed auction. Auctions have been very good lately for them. (23 Raglan Road, 46 Merton Road)

Well, it was well publicised on this that it would be difficult to achieve a good price here

Thanks. Didn’t think it would sell.
Did it get any bids do you know?

From the self styled paper of record: … 93670.html

I dont understad this. The AMV was 855K. It failed to sell at this price and now is quoting 899?

Anyone care to explain these games?!

It’s all down to de knowledge economy

I can only assume they want to achieve a minimum of 855k and know nobody is going to offer the full asking at the moment so added on a %.
Doesn’t sound very advisable alright, I would have thought they had had their reality check yesterday!

1 Vergemount Park sold on 13-2-15 for €1,072.5k