Auction Politics - the vote buying thread

One from last week to start off

Over-70s GP plan agreed … -1.1861083

[*Government warned about buying votes too soon * (

from another thread

[*Fingal County Council votes to reduce local property tax by 15% * (Fingal County Council votes to reduce local property tax by 15% – The Irish Times)

Is this vote buying? Fingal is densely populated and happen to serve many more houses with the same common infrastructure than other Councils.

I also believe that owners of units in high density housing e.g. Apartment Blocks shouldn’t have to pay the same property tax as those living in suburban sprawl irrespective of how expensive or cheap those housing units are in high density blocks. I’d actually reduce property tax on those units to incentivise these types of developments(with appropriate planning enforcement to ensure these high density units are actually habitable).

Kenny has also pledged to reduce Income tax from the next Budget

Source? He give figures? … -1.1863734

He’s on a hiding to nothing, no joined up thinking…

I mean, I ask you: What good is more money in your pocket if you don’t have Garth Brooks concerts to spend it on?

I don’t think this qualifies as naked vote buying as it will enrage many more (in non-benefiting counties) than it will please.ún-laoghaire-councillors-intend-15-cut-in-property-tax-1.1867309

Dun Laoghaire jump on the band wagon, although considering the area has the highest rate of compliance maybe they can afford it… 8DD

Edit: Ballsed up my link but can’t fix on tablet :blush:

Dublin and commuter belt in line for property tax cut - Howlin confirms several councils have ‘surpluses’ to fund reductions … 63900.html

Tax changes in budget to ease burden on ‘middle Ireland’ … -1.1879919

Yet no cuts for commercial rates? … 94594.html

Time to break out a favourite of mine :smiley:

Hard-pressed families set for five-year freeze on their property tax … 81322.html

Coalition’s vote-getting exercise risks Ireland’s economic recovery … 97283.html

Coalition pay reversal is vote-buying, says FG TD … -1.1893047

When is the last time a commercial building voted? … imf-loans/

No doubt we can expect more give aways if we can generate a saving

Has anyone pulled a minister/government spokesperson/union head/so called Left representative up on this

Throughout the bust we were all Keyesians, it’s all about counter cyclical demand management etc

Now there’s a whiff of “recovery” we’re back to vote buying pro cyclical.

Would any journalist have the balls to put that to them live on air?

There is no Paxman figure in Ireland. The reason Paxman has worked so well, is that politicians were compelled to appear on his show, even when they knew what was coming. If someone in Ireland tried to become a paxman like figure, politicians, senior public sector individuals, and key private sector execs would simply not turn up on the show.

Hence, we have to content with Joe Duffy like commentators jeering on the establishment, because if they don’t, they won’t get access to the important top guests & sources. Vincent Browne being the one exception of course, but even he is given the graveyard slot late at night.

Enda Kenny never going on Vincent Brownes show being an example of this.