Auctioneers and valuers insist on right to have role in Nama

“Make room at the trough”

How exactly?

They’ll go on strike and shut down the whole country’s property industry!!! Mwahahahahaha!!! :smiling_imp:

Yes John, let’s reward incompetence, that’s perfectly fair!

‘Foxes Demand Henhouse Representation’

Am I naive to suspect BL has finally done something right…IF he sticks to his guns on this one?

I think you’re being a little unfair…the market dictates the prices…people weren’t complaining when they made a fortune from property :unamused:

Ah the innocence and naivety of people never ceases to amaze me, Id advise you to have a good look around the forum read some of the threads do a search and see if you’re still 100% sure about that statement after having done that Aredmond1.

NAMA should invite them to give their opinions … ahem … valuations … FOR FREE.

And then tell them to fuck off.

Right or wrong you are paying for it and so am I and all those pinsters resident in this fair isel who are tax comapliant :wink:

A little unfair to who?

No fan of EAs etc or do not work in the profession but they have a point.

The auditors who signed off on the tubs of crap are still at the trough, the central bank is still at the trough, the financial regulators are still at the trough, whole swathes of bankers are still at the trough, whole swathes of ex bankers are still at the trough via their pensions which should be confiscated and yet Leno says we are not going to use Irish valuers. Hes got to be joking.

EA fight to put their stamp down as if the actually count anymore. What is their datum reference point in the valuation of real estate and lands given the current lack of floor. Makes no sense to me having EA involvement. :unamused:

I don’t like valuers. I don’t see what them as experts. What use is a point in time valuation? when the shit hit the fan, nobody turned to valuers to find out how much assets were worth.

They make their trade in using recent recent prices and a couple of crude adjustments. They do a mark to market. If they were capable of saying what a house would be worth in two years, then I’d sit up and listen. Make sales prices available. Record a marco and be done with them.

He’s not joking and he’s right.

The top echelon of Irish EA’s are up to their necks with the above mentioned crowd in their complicity and would no doubt have a second bite at the cherry.

Anyway most of them will be either bust or foreign owned by the end of the year. Not much point in getting a Certifiable and Insurable Valuation from a local EA who is technically insolvent is there ??

It’s the good guys in that industry that will survive - though there’ll be pain and change of employer in the process.

And more importantly, the Political optics would not be best served. that’s the real test.

Financial services advisers, lawyers, auctioneers & valuers, planners and engineers who have acted as advisers to the six guanteed banks and developers likely to have their assets taken in charge by NAMA should not be considered as advisers to NAMA!

eh, that will therefore exclude 99.9%. :laughing: