August 02 almost everyone in the 'Sindo' on the NAMA case

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‘Nationalisation’ bobs on the horizon - Marc Coleman → … 49244.html

2005? Peak of the bubble (or near enough)??
That’s obviously when he bought…

Asking prices in many parts of Dublin are not far off 2005, in many cases below. So effectively I think the guy is arguing for no more falls.

I absolutely disagree of course; I think that we need to go back to 2001 at the absolute latest and will probably overshoot. Bubble peak was late 2006 I think, possibly early 2007 although I suspect that though asking prices were rising, nothing was shifting.

That being said, our problem is that too many stupid idiot commentators think that our problems are falling house prices, and not that they are still too high for the average man on the street and until that is sorted out we can’t build an economy.

The stupid makes me hurt.

We even have a thread dedicated to Mr. Coleman’s fascination with 2005 :stuck_out_tongue:


Was that when his book was published?

Thanks - :laughing:

Thanks for the links! Makes the depressing reading handier… :angry:

Eh, Alan - bank shareholders have already been wiped out, they were the first casualties of the property bubble…

I think yer talkin about the bondholders.

The irony being that they shouldn’t be protected. A bond is a gamble. The bondholders took a gamble and it is 100% reasonable to allow them to take the hit. Trying to protect them from their potential loss is like going into a Paddy Powers and offering to cover the losses of everybody there.

But why does this get little or no attention??? The blanket guarantee was highlighted by a handfull of economists as totally incorrect, the rest kept quiet. WHY? - who are these bondholders who’s fraternity seems to control our futures?? Anyone know??

Nah, I think it’s when he bought his gaff. Or more correctly, he bought in '06 overpaying because he couldn’t afford to wait for a fall back to '05 prices. He’s now a little shell shocked to discover 2005 wasn’t the perfectly priced year for Irish property and has been supporting every and any harebrained scheme to get prices back to his own personal comfort level.

Guys Has anyone got a list of TD’s with phone numebrs and Fax Numbers to ring about this…

Im taking a few days off to get on their case about this shit…This cannot go ahead…Its too serious…


How to Lobby TDs - … %20TDs.pdf

30th Dail email addresses - … 0_Dail.doc
(not sure how well these get filtered, also send to their political party email and local party agent)

Press offices of political parties - … .htm#Press

You should also take the time to visit them in their constituency clinics contact details here

I wouldn’t waste my time lobbying the opposition.

Stick with FF and Green politicians. Best chance would be to prey on their fears of losing their seats in the hope they vote against the bill.

The problem is that FF/Greens know they are not going to form the next government and will get a drubbing at the polls when the next election comes around, therefore, they have every incentive to plunder the wealth of productive citizens as fast as possible.

BR is Right, the whole point of NAMA was to allow FF to make out like bandits.

When the game is up, African dictators exit for the border. Accompanied by a team of retainers carrying off the national treasure.

Here, NAMA is the exit strategy of our own failed elite.

That is why Clowen needs the airport beside his house.
The plans say it big enough for to take an Airbus A380, This is so he can leave with Mary Harney on the same plane. :nin