Austin Now Predicting Crash

…in ECB Interest rates as it happens , prediction made to Finfacts here on friday last .

Meaning Austin now expects 3 rate cuts this year with the first one in June. … 3171.shtml

Do I get the impression that the Comical and Desperate ones were asked to confirm their very own loudly and pompusly trumpeted previous predictions ??

But if a “painful slowdown” did arrive it would not “shred” the “credibility” of the ECB if it were to cut, it would enhance it.

It may even give Austin himself just a little soupcon of credibility …if there is indeed any cut in June which I personally doubt .

However FINFACTS add this acerbic observation right at the end , apropos whom or what I could not possibly say 8)

:open_mouth: Ohhhhh Ouch. :open_mouth:

2Pack has mixed an uplifting bedtime tune to cheer ye all up below , yes they are obviously wearing false beards :slight_smile:

Halitosis in the membrane
Halitosis in the Brain
Halitosis in the membrane
Halitosis in the Brain

I have to say this is a work of pure genious from comical and the bank he works for who were reported in a broadsheet yesterday as offering refunds to people who invested in one of their bonds, obviously a number of things in that bank that arent much use.

It sounds like they are going to repackage their predictions as recommendations and then blame the ECB for not following their recommendations are the Irish economy goes under water.

“We said in 2007 that they should lower rates…” etc.

The EU taken as a whole is like a massive oil tanker. It does not suddenly do anything. It will not suddenly have a major slowdown any more than an oil tanker can come to a stop in 10 seconds.
These two are becomming more and more marginalised by the day. They may get to a point where even the media are laughing at them. If this happens then their careers will effectively be over.

BB said

I would consider that a positive as opposed to a negative. :slight_smile:

It is an old trick all “leading economists” know and use.

When someone asks you what is going to happen with policy (usually interest rates) and you haven’t got a clue you say they should increase/decrease them, but probably won’t". That way you can say you were right either way!

Is dear old Austin* talking down *the European economy? :open_mouth:

Surely not. Weren’t we all specifically warned about this kind of thing? Austin is now a doom monger too?

I guess if you’re a *chief economist *it’s ok to wish a severe recession on half a billion people in 27 different countries if it means possibly some more cheap credit to re-inflate a sagging Irish housing bubble.

Isn’t that right Austin? You gobshite.

I’m sure the the ECB are shaking* in their boots reading that.


*With laughter

Jesus, if Comical and DD read this, it will really tip them over the edge !! … 3188.shtml