Australian lender to join Irish home loan market - indo

More shi*e from Charlie Weston, as usual with the indo the headline contradicts the boneheaded article.

Something tells me that an Aussie subprime outfit will not be the solution to the bombed out mortgage market Charlie. … 70435.html

Does he even research this crap??

He’s a cretin

If I was a share holder I’d be shouting at the AGM how do they pay gimps like this six figure salaries … 64906.html

Nice spot Barney

Will be interested to see their approach and rates if they’re going prime.

Wonder what the Indo thinks of actually enforcing loan covenents and allowing banks to foreclose on assets secured against loans in default?

If I was a foreign lender that’s the only way I’d even contemplate looking at Ireland and helping “provide a desperately needed shot in the arm for the beleaguered mortgage market”