Australians Vs The Menace



Menace Attacks Children

Not a Taliban in sight.

Australia is now pepper-spraying children in the face for not wearing a mask.

Australia has trended about 60 days ahead of America in Covid madness.

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Some Fight Back

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The Menace gifts itself more “legal” powers, Matrix Level agent Smith powers:


Now we get to see videos just like China 2020

70% forever and ever






Dan Andrews is a typical life long Labour Party apparatchik. Never had a real job in his life. He is a “Global Warming” true believer and there is not a single PC or woke political fad he has not been a whole hearted supporter of.

So a typical fascist. Believes in an all powerful state with paramount power that negated individual rights with designated superior socioeconomic groups getting special treatment.

Straight out of the Mussolini and Gentile playbook. Who all came out the socialist movement.

You know these people have invented a new “Human Right” in the last 18 months. It seems all traditional human rights and individual legal protections can be set aside because of something called “Right to Heath”. If the government declares something, anything, a threat to the “Right to Heath” of society they can force everyone to take untested vaccines that dont work and lock up and imprison people who wont submit. The “Human Rights” academic industry has already starting publishing books as a just justification for this.


Where do they find these beauties?


In Government Health bureaucracies. Thats what more than 30 years working for the government gets you. Another life long “public health” charlatan. Her medical qualification are a generic MD almost 35 years ago and zero years of clinical practice by the look of it. Lots of academic qualifications and awards thought. She got an award for being a woman last year it seems.


Same with those obese actors playing the Public Health Officials:



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“Living With Covid”

There is only one script because there is only one Menace.


Fingerprints of The Menace

New restrictions on prescribing ivermectin for COVID-19

10 September 2021

Today, the TGA, acting on the advice of the Advisory Committee for Medicines Scheduling, has placed new restrictions on the prescribing of oral ivermectin. General practitioners are now only able to prescribe ivermectin for TGA-approved conditions (indications) - scabies and certain parasitic infections. Certain specialists including infectious disease physicians, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and hepatologists (liver disease specialists) will be permitted to prescribe ivermectin for other unapproved indications if they believe it is appropriate for a particular patient.

These changes have been introduced because of concerns with the prescribing of oral ivermectin for the claimed prevention or treatment of COVID-19. Ivermectin is not approved for use in COVID-19 in Australia or in other developed countries, and its use by the general public for COVID-19 is currently strongly discouraged by the National COVID Clinical Evidence Taskforce, the World Health Organisation and the US Food and Drug Administration.

Firstly, there are a number of significant public health risks associated with taking ivermectin in an attempt to prevent COVID-19 infection rather than getting vaccinated. Individuals who believe that they are protected from infection by taking ivermectin may choose not to get tested or to seek medical care if they experience symptoms. Doing so has the potential to spread the risk of COVID-19 infection throughout the community.

Secondly, the doses of ivermectin that are being advocated for use in unreliable social media posts and other sources for COVID-19 are significantly higher than those approved and found safe for scabies or parasite treatment. These higher doses can be associated with serious adverse effects, including severe nausea, vomiting, dizziness, neurological effects such as dizziness, seizures and coma.

Finally, there has been a 3-4-fold increased dispensing of ivermectin prescriptions in recent months, leading to national and local shortages for those who need the medicine for scabies and parasite infections. It is believed that this is due to recent prescribing and dispensing for unapproved uses, such as COVID-19. Such shortages can disproportionately impact vulnerable people, including those in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

There is only one TGA approved oral ivermectin product, Stromectol ivermectin 3mg tablet blister pack which is indicated for the treatment of river blindness (onchocerciasis), threadworm of the intestines (intestinal strongyloidiasis) and scabies.

All medical practitioners can continue to prescribe oral ivermectin for the approved indications. However, prescribing of oral ivermectin for indications that are not approved is now limited to certain specialists.