🇦🇺 Australians Vs The Menace

WOW! This is the moment Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell QUITS Victoria Police.

"I can’t remedy in my soul anymore how the organisation I love is being used [to enforce health tyranny]… and the damage it’s causing to the community."


October 2021, Marching against PERMANENT EMERGENCY POWERS

A former member of Victoria Police courageously spoke to a crowd of thousands of protesters. The appreciation from the crowd could be heard and felt in the air.

Virus Consumes Assets

Homemade cure can fix this one.

How would RTE report this or would they report it?


Original video may be being censored or stoked on Twitter. Looking for alt sources. This best I can find but massive massive crowds depitched in the streets as far as the eye could see.


“Few hundred protestors…”


Remember that unduly elected Duper & Co are attempting to pass the same thing here.

NOW - Tens of thousands protest in #Melbourne against new pandemic law that would give the executive indefinite emergency powers to “protect public health”.


Very different experiences across Australian states. Only really new south Wales and Victoria had big outbreaks. Victoria went super strict but it did not work. New south Wales more open but less cases now . Explanation? No idea? Maybe the climate differences. Far far warmer in Sydney In winter. But who knows.

Western Australia is blocking itself off until next year. South Australia opening up 23rd November. Both covid free.

I have to say, being inn south Australia has been great. We have had a mostly normal time since it all started.

Can’t say I entirely like the idea of opening up to let it right in, especially seeing outbreaks rampant in places with high vaccination rates.

Covid hasn’t been a thing here, it’ll be a pain to go into lockdowns to prevent overrun hospitals.

We’ve also had all this time to prepare but haven’t. Hospitals are over worked with no covid.
I suspect that the authorities put ther faith in vaccines so they wouldn’t have to spend on bolstering hospital and staff .


South Australia to open borders, cut COVID-19 quarantine next week

Australian College of Nursing CEO Kylie Ward discusses the news that more than 20,000 frontline nurses have quit the profession this year

I see antifa had a counter demonstration mob at the main anti lockdown demo in Melbourne. More evidence that they are paid goons by global oligarchs. Everything is happening in lockstep. There is a central coordinating force behind all of this.

Protesting and civil behaviour won’t fix this.

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Just to add, I posted a link to the nurses leaving this year. Look at how it was portrayed ‘mass exodus’ etc. Skip forward where they do the interview and the numbers are no different to other years.

Unreal. Media is out of control across the west.

I frequently point out that the media can dig deep and get interviews and analysis for sports related stories but for much else it’s a reiteration of a press release.

12.07 to 12.32 in the YouTube link.
Worth watching that bit.

Yeah exercise quota. A life on your knees.

I wonder is Martin also watching OZ with “interest” :whistle:

Disclose.tv @disclosetv 8h

NEW - Australian defense force called in to haul positive #COVID19 cases and close contacts to quarantine centers.

Src: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1462767223853010948

The GAS thing about this it all anyone can test wrong and be haul away, fully-jazzinated or un-jazzed.

Why would you open borders and do this

I was writing my reply before I got to the end, “someone must have bullied that guy or worse when he was a child…” and then the end kicked in! :icon_eek:

Australia appears to have gone full Hitler

$3.50 Politician



Australian politicians finally wake up and smell the coffee, they are coming around to the opinion that omicron is not deadly.

Edit: one of the comments stated that there is an election due, so an ulterior motive for their change of direction, no surprise really!