Australians Vs The Menace



Freedom Scissors

Today Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick whipped out his freedom scissors and took a stand against government vaccine mandates and coercion. Your medical status is private information that is not anyone else’s business.


Natural law. Full channel on YT: justinian deception



I don’t believe any fireworks where harmed in the making of these videos.


Builders Bust Back at Tyranny

Nary a Soyshake or Firework to be seen here, just a small crowd… videos galore!

Australia: Construction Union workers unhappy with #VaccineMandate - a jab by Friday or stay home. Union boss John Setka slammed by members. Riot police arrive at union HQ. #auspol

Australian construction workers storm union head quarters demanding officials to “stand up or stand down” #NoMandatoryVaccines

More “guns out”


Melbourne Construction workers have reportedly attacked trade union boss John Setka, for refusing to acknowledge their protests against forced vaccinations. Union staff pulled Setka inside and locked the office doors.



What are the odds? :whistle:


Police using undercover provocateurs at Melbourne Protest.

Riot Police Agreeing With Protesters!

The tradies protest from the previous day was non violent. They kept moving to avoid police lines. Walking onto a freeway is not an act of violence.

_Graphic imagery of man have had his head ccovered in blood. God help him. _

Happening![ Melbourne Police crack anti-mandatory vaccine protesters skull open. But it’s for our health.

Northern Ireland for all, figure it out.

The rubber bullets that Australian police are firing into unarmed, retreating crowds cause injuries like these

Their Matrix needs it’s distractions fodder.

This is absolutely shocking… US based film crew with 1000s of extras and production being filmed in Melbourne CBD whilst 6 million Australians are in stage 4 lockdown.


Assume the same for all the satanic crown colonies.

NATO flagged raised in front of the GPO during Easter Rising. Figure it out.




Reports OZ regime enforcing media blackouts and other chatter net cut in Melbourne.

M’aiq the Liar~

[THEY] are to cutting off communications against the #melbourneprotests. Not only that but have also told MSM helicopters to stay away from the area so no live broadcasting of said protest can be viewed by the world…are we in North Korea or China? #MelbourneRiots #Melbourne

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Verum Bellator @VerumBellator1

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Dan Andrews wants to ban livestreaming from protesters… gee, I wonder why :small_red_triangle:


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Space Weapons or HARRP, Chinese HARRP? -

Looks to be a complete media blackout from the heart of Melbourne today :frowning: time to rename this place this is completely insane ! Not one media outlet anywhere is reporting from the heart of Melbourne

No one believes Media anymore. Menace looses all control when this reaches a critical point.

They cut the internet in Victoria.
Welcome to Communism.



Are any of the cars not cop cars?

“We are in a prison in Victoria guys” #Australia is a test-bed for the real tyranny that lies ahead of us. Time is running out rapidly, as for the Aussies… time is almost up. Prison Planet

Video @ Src:

Seems like a great idea!

JUST IN - #Australia : #Queensland Police to be suspended without pay if they don’t get a COVID-19 vaccine within the next two weeks.

Video @ Src:


Pre Meme

Pre Crime

Looks you had to much to think!


Australia: Complete media blackout and servers down in Victoria today! This is what they don’t want you to see, please share widely!


Storm troopers in Oz appear to attack a guy filming.


Also apparently attacking journalists.

Attacking them, not just accidental side swipes.


Bet you they did not work for media outlets like the Melbourne Age. Which like the IT has morphed from a pretty good newspaper into a parody Guardian in the last 20 years. For the last decade or so they would covered “police brutality” cases like this in loving detail but now the Age is a staunch supporter of the brutal police attacks on anti-lockdown demonstrators. More worried about “injured” police than anyone of the ordinary citizens attacked.

Here is a typical “Opinion” piece from a typical smug sanctimonious bien pensant shit who is radio talk show host with lefty political opinions. But the comments are interesting. 90% smug Guardianista types. And 10% ordinary working people pointing out its them not the affluent work from home types who are getting crushed by the lockdowns. At what a hypocrite the author is.

Yet again, inside every “progressive” is a totalitarian fascist trying to get out.