Australians Vs The Menace



Everyone a “George Floyd”



It doesn’t look like China but it’s like China, is that a tranquilizer delivered by needle or a forced injection, either way needle rape?

Video @ Src:



Bingo. Now can we get that useless fascist fucker Andrews next. Given his long history of never having a real job and ALP’s history of corruption in the state he is guaranteed 110% to be getting kickbacks one way or another. Its a party tradition.



“vaccinated economy”

AUSTRALIA. If you haven’t had a vaccine by the 15th of October then you will starve. It’s very simple.

If you forgive this government this, then you don’t deserve the freedom they took without you even whimpering.

Hold. Your. Line!

Video @ Src:


Interesting to hear the press batting for the Menace against I think this is Clive Palmer of the Australian United Party calling out the same shit that has happened all over the world.


Yep… That’s from mid September.

He’d probably want to watch himself, wouldn’t be hard for him to get a heart attack.


Read the comments too:


It’s a universal roll out, so what happens here has happened there and what happens there will be happening here.

Shopping etc. etc.

“It will be about the maintenances of your vaccination status.”



We have many thousands of “recovery certs” that are about to expire, so it is already about to happen.



Looks like the propaganda programme has been a success, having spent the last 18 months telling the same, most people now don’t want to hear the concerns at all and believe they’re cranks!


WOW! This is the moment Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell QUITS Victoria Police.

"I can’t remedy in my soul anymore how the organisation I love is being used [to enforce health tyranny]… and the damage it’s causing to the community."


October 2021, Marching against PERMANENT EMERGENCY POWERS

A former member of Victoria Police courageously spoke to a crowd of thousands of protesters. The appreciation from the crowd could be heard and felt in the air.


Virus Consumes Assets

Homemade cure can fix this one.


How would RTE report this or would they report it?

Original video may be being censored or stoked on Twitter. Looking for alt sources. This best I can find but massive massive crowds depitched in the streets as far as the eye could see.


“Few hundred protestors…”


Remember that unduly elected Duper & Co are attempting to pass the same thing here.

NOW - Tens of thousands protest in #Melbourne against new pandemic law that would give the executive indefinite emergency powers to “protect public health”.