🇦🇺 Australians Vs The Menace


No name mentioned above - I wonder if it’s this guy?

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I’ll repeat what I said up thread, I hope there’s an outbreak of omicron during the tournament and see the politicians squirm!


The menace loves your children - but does it love them more than you?


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Free speech :smile:

Ah coincidence. We mentioned that firm here before I think?


The news clipping for the times we live in. :whistle:

More video POV rather huge and energised.

More evidence of the fringe extremist threats Scott.

Carry On Camp Freedom


This is just one fraction of the #Freedom Camp in #Canberra. Australians deserve better than to be subjected to the tyranny and oppression of chinese communism and

@AusFabians conspirators and their intent for a Social Credit System and Great Reset.

@UnitedAusParty @anr_news

Src: https://twitter.com/Anmchadh44/status/1492026791149584384

The usual few hundreds protestors. :icon_beer:

It’s always the same few hundred. :icon_rolleyes:

Canberra, Australia… this is absolutely epic… this is a revolution

Video: https://twitter.com/Resist_05/status/1492385488342331395