'Austrian School' of Economics Makes a Comeback

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The Mystery of Banking
by Murray N. Rothbard
mises.org/mysteryofbanking/m … anking.pdf [adobe acrobat required]

We need an Irish School of Economic thinking. I mean we have turned so many things on its head.

E.g. Price Elasticity of Demand.

The more something goes up in price the more we want it

The more it goes down the less we want

We could revolutionise the world!

The CRACK UP BOOM series

i. Significant GLOBAL Stock Market Action Signals Explosive Bull Markets Ahead!

ii. The Global Bond Bear Market on the Back of the Inflationary Boom Ahead

iii. Escape from the US Dollar!

iv. Gold, Oil and the Dollar

v. Introduction - It’s Bigger Than Just the dollar!

vi. The Financial Markets Big Picture - The Crack-up Boom Series

vii. Currencies Do Not Float, They Sink at Different Rates

viii. The Crack-up Boom Series - Final


It a fact that there are Yellow marrows in my back garden. In fact given the current rate of increase (approx 2-3 per day this week) we can suggest that there maybe as many as 750 Yellow marrows in my backyard in 12 months. with each plant now known to produce approx 250 KG of Yellow marrow per annum and with the cost of production dropping with yield we can predict the total collapse of the market for sugar. starch and fresh veg.

As the world fresh food markets collapse due to over supply of cheap food stuffs, the cost of meats may fall dramatical. and lead to a population explosion which may lead to a housing shortage world wide.

In my next issue we explore the world paper shortage due to U.S. monetary policy. And why you should buy Toilet paper NOW!!!@.

:smiley: no need to wait for the next issue, go visit Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: Inflation Set to Hit 100,000 Percent

The Downfall of Fiat Currency
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Very good lecture (1 hour) relevant to today’s crisis

BusinessCycles, Part 4 of 4 - The Austrian Bust, Prof. Krassimir Petrov
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This is a very interesting video, what school of thought is it following? Is this how things are generally accepted to be or is it just this guys view?

If it is true then our government is doing all the textbook “don’t” for a bust.

Do not support prices : Stamp duty reform
Do not support wages : NDP

You just know they are going to do all the other things in that list when it comes to it.

See my signature and the following links for more detail.

Austrian Business Cycle Theory: A Brief Explanation

**What Has Government Done to Our Money? **
by Murray N. Rothbard
mises.org/resources/7184a3af … a3c773b48b

To be expected. If the government sat back and did nothing it would loose power and government does not like to see its power usurped and will use opportunities like this to further extend its power, this is what led to the rise of fascism in Europe and eventally World War 2.
Ultimately power does come from the people and people will act to counter their strategies, but not until business cycle has worked through the excess of the previous years.

**Fed, Blamed for Asset-Price Inaction, Is Told `Tide Is Turning’ **Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) –


Giffen Goods, even has an Irish dimension. :smiley:


Business Cycles, Part 1 of 4- Interest and Capital, Prof. Krassimir Petrov
video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 9089810530

Business Cycles, Part 2 of 4 - Introduction, Prof. Krassimir Petrov
video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 3132957274

Business Cycles, Part 3 of 4 - Business Cycle Indicators, Prof. Krassimir Petrov
video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 8491832655

BusinessCycles, Part 4 of 4 - The Austrian Bust, Prof. Krassimir Petrov
video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 7626362775

63. Why Austrian Economics Matters More Than Ever (19 minutes)
lewrockwell.com/podcast/inde … n_ever.mp3

It is ironical that at a time when the Austrian School
is gaining in popularity our only low tax political
party is considering voting itself out of existence.

Isn’t it ironic that its policies are what got us into this shit in the first instance?

Of course that isn’t ironic, I’m just being ironic.