Automatic posting of price database to price drop threads?


OK, someone’s going to ask so I thought we should get it over with.

Mods, what is the Pin policy going to be when one of us writes a bot to spider the price database next month? Are automatic posts to old price drop and WIW threads with actual sales prices welcome or discouraged?


There will be shouts of joy, an explosion of smileys, and offers to have your babies.
Oh. You said “mods”…


I would say gladly welcomed so long as it works properly


This is a real issue. Also, I suspect 3 or 4 people are all going to try some variation of it, with varying degrees of success.


Hmmm I started work on this today, but it seems the problem has been “crowd-sourced”. Enough people are posting prices from the DB that I don’t think it’s worth automating.


It will now take over form the asking price change activity I guess. It’s what pinsters have been dreaming for for years! :smiley:


Well, I think I’ll be following the asking price sites like a bit closer over the next couple of days in hopes of seeing an estate agent or two shitting themselves.