People should be able to use avatars now. No rude ones now!

You should be able to:

Upload it (please do not choose the same as others),
Link to it externally.

It must be a “.gif” format file, 80 x 80 pixels and keep it to no more than 16/32 colours.

Any problems, just email me the avatar and I will place it in the gallery.



If your looking for an avator look here:


oh hey btw I cant upload my gif file and its within the limits in kb size and dimensions


I have spoken of this with Open Window.


When I try to upload an avatar from my machine I get:

The file is 78 x 80 pixels and only 3KB in size. Any ideas?

Best wishes



Host it on photobucket and do the remote link. Seems to be all we gots! :unamused:


Thanks TUG.