Average age of first-time buyers rises to 31

Oh deadly, I’ve another year to go so!!! 8DD

Brilliant stuff - so the same people who were buying last year are still buying this year, but they haven’t been joined by any new suckers

Every year it will be another year away. BD

Isn’t that a fancy schmancy way of saying “Nobody bought a house last year, but people’s age continued to increase as expected.”


Yep and we’re gonna continue getting older until we can buy something up and not feel like we’re getting screwed by the developers. 8-

This report sets the backdrop to Biffo’s dramatic rescue plan - as of January 1st 2009, everyone aged 28 or over must add 3 years to their age.

I think it will be the opposite. In order combat age inflation (currently running at 1 year per year) and keep the story going that Ireland has a young vibrant population, Irish ages will be revalued from midnight on budget day.

All ages will be divided by 2. I’m certainly enjoying the idea of having another crack at my 20’s. This time I’m going to do some things differently.



RD, as I’ve pointed out before, this plan would also solve the demographic timebomb and drastically use social services spending.

You’d have to be 130 before you could claim a pension. I’m sure we could have some sort of clawback arrrangement for those who have been retroactively fraudulently claiming them all these years…

and I would agree with that. Pity our asshole ministers in Govt don’t see it and let property fall to this kind of level.

Its a pity Halifax’s owners didn’t apply this level of caution for the rest of their business or they might not be up to their ears in shite right at this moment !

True HBOS is taking a right hammering.