Average age of the FTB in Ireland

I was watching BBC news last night and someone mentioned the average age of the FTB in the UK is 38.

A quick google found this: independent.co.uk/life-style … 21781.html

I also came across this old thread on the pin where the average age in Ireland in 2008 was 31.

I’m curious to know what it might be now at this stage.

ps. I’m not using my age to determine when I should buy

The 20 year olds buying family home for when they find a man might have lowered the average age a little. Or the twenty somethings with a pyramid of buy to regrets.

Id be interested to know what age most will be when they finish paying and what they intend to live on when they retire. :open_mouth:

FTBs in Ireland are, in the eyes of many, anyone who hasn’t yet bought a home, therefore putting most in the range of 0-30+ with a possible average of 15. Once that average gets into the mid twenties we’ll be grand.

What…? Oh.