Average % selling price under ( or over!?) asking price?

I am just curious to hear your experience in houses which you or a friend (or someone) may have recently bought.

For houses which have not been sitting in the market for years, which is the average % under (or over!?) selling price from the asking price?

I know this depends on many different factors (location, demand, circumstances of the seller, etc, etc) , I am just interested to hear your experiences. I always heard of the 10% mark under the asking price as an average rule.

It has changed a lot in the past 18 months. I think 18 months ago it would have been 10% and a 20% discount was possible, but now I would put it at less than 5% for the average house that goes sale agreed. this in the places I am looking which in Dublin, not sure if the country is much different.

I bought last June and paid 8% under asking but would agree with bml that it would be less now in the area I bought in (SCD). It would appear that houses are going for in and around the asking price and some over. I have several friends you are bidding at the moment and vendors don’t seem to be considering low bids (i.e. 10% below asking asking)

Honestly i wouldn’t worry about an average, it will depend on how sensibly a house is priced originally, the number of interested parties and the part of Ireland (or even the part of dublin).

We’ve just gone sale agreed at only 1.5% below asking, simply as there were many interested parties and a lack of supply in the area.

Well done! Best of luck to you both.