Average time from sale agreed to closing the deal-How long?


As per title, just looking to get an idea of the current average time-frame from Sale Agreed to closing the deal.

Will I be right to say it can be around 10-12 weeks avg?

Any buyers/sellers willing to share their experiences pls?


Many variables. Do-able in 4 weeks if everyone plays ball. 8 weeks is probably average. Could be longer for many reasons…inefficient solicitors; banks dreaming up requirement for extra paperwork; Leadtime for life or house insurance not understood; Buyer not keeping pressure on every party etc etc

my recent experience was 6 months nearly to the day, the reasons were:

  • Bank looking for some ridiculous amounts of paperwork, mainly to do with the original build of the property (12 year old house)
  • Local County Council taking weeks and weeks to get back with ‘searches’
  • no real rush on my behalf or that of the vendor (long story)
  • related 3rd party trying to put a spanner in the works at the last minute, took some legal clarification before we could actually close
  • Solicitors on holidays during the summer months (two sets of solicitors - 4 weeks holidays in total)
  • Very diligent solicitor on our side who took nothing for granted and spotted a couple of potential holes
  • Banks generally just being slow with everything, phone calls, updates etc …

We just closed on our house. It took 12 weeks from the booking deposit to close simply because of complications with the title deeds and the slowness of the vendor’s solicitors in responding to queries.

22 days is my record. You must keep pressure up - be a prick to your bank, prick to your solicitor, scream at the surveyor. You have to own the process. Too many people sit back.

Thanks for all the replies. Very insightful

I know how am gonna behave now :wink: