Aw, Jebus, Isabel … 71819.html


Was just reading that. It seems that Tom Parlon’s ability to forecast the future in the present is catching.

BTW Isobel, if you are reading, I hope you are happy with your role (although minor) in shackling hundreds of thousands of (mainly) young people to decades of penury and diminished livelihoods through colossal debt you half-wit twit. You should not even be let out to the shops.

There’s a missing paragraph there:

Ahem, speak for yourself there Isabel. Some people did try their best to stop others from being robbed blind by being cajoled, bullied or coerced into falling victim to the pyramid scheme you actively promoted.

But I’m sure your conscience is clear, like the bank accounts of the people you helped to suck in.

Meow Issie.

Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of reality. All the back peddling in the world won’t get you back on side.
You are one of the bad guys, the boom feeders that talked it up even when you must have known you were talking rubbish and doing harm.

The reason you hate bloggers so much is that a) they were right and b) they called you on your shilling. Bloggers weren’t depending on advertising from property to pay for their column inches, so unlike you they were willing to tell the truth.

Oh and if you’d like to know my identity it’s no secret, but just in case you haven’t mastered google, you can PM me any time.


Are you “somebody”? :slight_smile:

Isn’t everybody?

If we’ve learned anything from all of this it’s that the “somebody’s” in this country have dropped in
value faster than the houses and bank shares.

What are they worth? Really? What does Issie contribute?
Most bloggers at least have day jobs and make something of a contribution to society, even if you discount their blogging.
Issie’s net contribution to the nation is negative.

She and Tom and the rest either don’t know what they’re talking about or they do know and they lie.
Either way they’re less than worthless. An episode of school around the corner would be as likely
to give accurate analysis and honest opinion.

Issie and her like can be bought for a couple of Zimbabwe bank notes and a McCain Palin '08 T-Shirt.
Personally, I’d keep the Bank Notes and the T-Shirt.


Here’s an idea:

How’s about following the link to Isobel’s excellent and incisive article (…%2071819.html) and clicking on the ‘email to author’ link at the top of the page and letting her know what you think of this piece as well as her previous contributions to property ‘journalism’ over the years.

I would also suggest that anyone who does take the time to mail Isobel, signs their real name as we are all aware how anonymity irks her.

From April 2008

Isabel Morton

Just sent this to the esteemed Isobel:

Dear Isobel,

That you have the audacity to write an article in which you state ‘We ignored the warning signs. We never queried or questioned. We let it happen. And now we are desperately looking around for someone to blame’ would be shocking were it not clearly a pathalogical trait. You have had the brass neck to be a cheerleader for a completely unsustainable property bubble right up to the point when the lifeboats were hitting the water. Many highly vocal and visible commentators, including the governments own think-tank (ESRI, don’t ya know), have been telling us all for years that our addiction to property investment was going to come to an inevitable sticky end. As well as those mainstream commentators, there have been many ‘anonymous property bloggers’ who have been attempting to spread the word, not just about the property fiasco, but also about the banking, pension and personal debt time-bombs which have been ticking loudly for the last ten years. And now, in your infinite wisdom - you who has been fanning the flames of this disaster, ad nauseum, for years - see fit to wreak your ‘wrath’ on those very people who have only ever had this nation’s best interests at heart. That, dear author, is a step too far - even by your high standards.


. (Proud PropertyPin Member)

Off topic, but how come most Times articles like this start and end in Dublin?
Was it only Dublin people who put boxes in their rubbish or bought foreign property?
Obviously it will be the dominant force, but you get the feeling that most Times journalists/columnists/writers are only slightly aware of anything going on outside the M50.

On topic again. Its gas to see so many people making u-turns now. The sort of u-turns you would see being made at 8:30 outside a South Dublin school in an SUV…dahling.

Jebus can’t help you now Issie

I suppose Madam Editor had to print that crap in the interests of balanced reporting after giving Morgan his head last week (not literally)

Unfortunately, Issie is about as balanced as Norman Bates on a one-armed see-saw…

yeah that part jumped out at me too…
she got that right
We (The Irish Times Journalistic Staff) ignored the warning signs.
We (The Irish Times Editorial Staff) never queried or questioned.
We (The Irish Times Trust) let it happen.
And now we (Isabel Morton) are desperately looking around for someone to blame

Listen they are such poor quality journalists that even when they are on the attack they end up hanging themselves out to dry …

I’d suggest if you’re going to send her stuff then you keep it to one or two sentences. She may try and delete without reading and two sentences are much more likely to be scanned.

Isobel- you shouldn’t knock anonymity. Writing with a by-line is what you are paid to do. We do it for free. And have been proven right, moreover. Anything we write is capable of instant challenge- and by the quality of posting it is worthy challenge. If you want to participate in this level of debate, you might open your own thread- call it Isobel’s thread?!

Oh- and Isobel, thank you for helping your readership be aware that there are alternative viewpoints on the web. It shouldn’t take long for motivated readers to find them. And when they do your failure or complicity will be made clear to them. This is the precursor I predict of the books/ and papers of record which will follow and which will place your contributution very squarely in context and in significant proportion.

I just emailed Isobel. Hopefully shes crying by now.
Worthless pyramid scheme running scum.

You know you’ve gotten to someone or pricked their conscience when they talk about you in irreverent terms in the paper they work for.
I wonder what happened hmmmm was it mentioned at work or over a dinner party how a bunch of people on a certain website were calling it accurately and had done so all along even when people with aspirations to being a society columnist ( unfortunately we dont have a society like that) were saying different either through belief or ignorance or both?
Maybe we should consider introducing some advertising laws in the press to the extent that if a newspaper carries advertising and as a result of taking their advice someone suffers financial loss then the newspaper in question having benefited financially from the advertising should also be open to being sued as they promoted the loss making advert.
This I think would lead to more honest views of substance being put forth and less cappocino froth by people who arent really expert and would be possibly more suited to other employment.

<<<<Directed at everyone including the Brians, the budget, the builders and the banks we are ranting, raging and roaring.>>>>

You forgot the media Isobel- Where on earth were you?

<<<< But behind it all, Irish people are most of all angry with themselves>>>>

Really? Really??

Why the hell am bothering to dissect your trite. It’s only an opinion piece; that will be scanned on a train or over a sandwich. It’s only part of the barrage of sentiment all around us at the moment. It’s individual interest is only in it’s contrast with your earlier recorded positions. At least you aren’t shilling any more. And practically that’s all I really want want to know. Thank you.

I can’t seem to use the link that Browned-off supplied.I think its subscription-only. So I emailed and marked it for her attention:

OK Isabel.

If you have the guts to come out from hiding behind your byline and debate in an open forum where you don’t get to hog the microphone, I will write your column openly under my name for one week.

Deal? Who is the gutless one?