Bacik apologises


So Bacik apologises for her toss up and gives us poor folk a statement that goes as follows,

In a statement issued on Monday, the newly-elected Dublin Bay South TD said that she was briefly in attendance at the event, which was also attended by Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, on July 21st
“I understood the event was within the regulations but regret my brief attendance in the circumstances and apologise for being there. Alan Kelly has accepted my apology,” she said, adding that she had been at the event for “approx. 15/20 minutes”.
Picture this: I am in a Court of a law and asked how long was the rope I may of purchased to hang my partner?.
Approx 15 to 20 meters but its cula bula cause Leo was with me in the carpark and measured the 15/20 meter thing but he needen advice from a Barrister so just ask him .
Problem is allll those that attended have been given a letter of comfort so they do not have to answer to anybody, more chance of getting an answer from a body in a canal but like that not much chance in them having a chat.

Well personally I do not give a toss what Alan Kelly accepts and I never heard him verblise that he was some sort of a St Peter and that he was in a position to admonish those that have some sort of an inkling that they are special and permitted to break the rules.
Dublin Bay South TDs are and have an anomoly they swing high and swing low, and it tends to make one Mad again .


Well, ya know, it’s all a good distraction as the Regime continues to hunt for children to stab with genetically modifying injections and let us not forget the upcoming 4th lockdown. All these tossers are in over their heads. Way over their heads. I dunno what world they think they live in but one round of ADE and 4th lockdown and a rash of sick and dying children, even more bets are off. Children are sadly already dying and being injured in the US. No time for holidays but on holidays they are. Imagine.

Getting the injection is like voting YES for Bank bailout but then it’s more a Bank Bail In. :thinking: