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18% drop in income in one single year…for the poorest in society, while the richest get 4% richer…

thejournal.ie/disposable-inc … 1-Jul2012/

I wouldn’t believe a figure fr sean comes up with, no way have people on the dole had an 18% drop in take home “pay”, although many working people have and more. Didn’t they have some calculator there last year that said you were poor if your household earner less than 60k or something, fr sean and his cohorts want to tax the working man into the ground, to give more money to the career spongers.

any chance of a link to the data - of course not!

meanwhile this gem appears on the SJI website

can anyone explain who elected “Dr” Sean?

Caught the end of someone on Newstalk this morning (possibly Fr Sean?) moaning that Irish tax take as a % of GDP was low in comparison to other countries

Of course what wasn’t mentioned was:

  1. the GDP v GNP issue
  2. Many other countries tax lower earners far higher than Ireland

But of course this person wanted “others” to be taxed to death to pay for the continuing Government over spending

A nice rebuttal from Laura Farrell in the comments which didn’t go down well with the masses, some even threatening violence!

that website is even worse than politics.ie!

The amount of “rabble rabble” in the comments is unreal.

I presume it is this survey?
socialjustice.ie/content/inc … eland-2011

Looking at table 3.1.23, p. 75, the assumption (!) in the document is that wages dropped by the amount that the minimum wage dropped. The devil is in the footnote

Er, right…

The headline "Disposable income in poor households falls 18 per cent "

Just to be clear, are you saying that the poorest households in the land are the working poor ? Because that i could well believe…social welfare is a lifestyle choice for thousands and i know plenty of them, you won’t get rich but you will have a decent standard of living, when you factor in the cheap housing,medical card, back to school, CWO, welfare payments etc.

Low paid Work…only for the fools.

Ah, your talking about the truly vulnerable in society, a group that is targetted again and again and to this day remain without protection or even a voice? With many being forced to work to earn money? Aye, taxpayers are the easiest to tax(!), easiest to blame and by far the the most vulnerable in society.

Sick of being told “you’re bad, this is all your fault, now pay me”

There’s a new class breakdown today. Gone is the working & middle classes and replaced by the TAXED Class and the IDLE Class.

Those unfortunate to be idle but strive to get back working will over time become successful leaving behind the usual hardcore dregs who leave it to the likes of this pontificating bleeding hearted cleric who would be better off keeping his head down and being quiet in the midst of all the horrendous abusers in his religious organisation.

Taxing the rest of us out of oblivion will not gain forgiveness in the eyes of God.

Closest thing to religious hate speech I’ve come across yet on The Pin, and there’s been a few.

I remember having a dinner back in 06 with some relatives, one worked in foreign aid and the other was a priest. The issue of paying more taxes to fund the poverty industry came up and neither of them could understand why I was against it. I explained to them that as it was I couldn’t even afford to buy a home in my own country! The priest lived tax free, had a girlfriend, free digs and he took lots of holidays. My other relative was a multiple landlord with a tax free department job, plus the department were contributing to his private health care. All this I was paying through the nose for.
They really couldn’t see the problem under their nose. Don’t know what the priest is up now but the other relative has his wings clipped a bit in the cutbacks.

You’re kidding, right?

Actually would disagree. In my past l was an alter boy and reader. I call it as l see. A child’s innocence & protection of our children should always take precedence over the ceremonial pompous rethoric of a man made church which spits in the face of true believers of Christ

Totally agree Bottler, I hate when people say “catholic child” because in reality a child doesn’t know all the theological differences that assuming such a title entails. I prefer a “child of Catholic parents”.
I was pressured to do the whole alter boy thing, they really pushed it as a patriotic duty.
If Jesus came back again the Irish RCC would probably try to crucify him again, they executed their last heretic in 1826 for teaching Deism. Criticism of the affairs of the RCC in Irish life is not hate speech.

No, I’m deadly serious.
There’s a big difference between opposing, disliking, or otherwise being unenthusiastic about a religion and stating that membership of it is an automatic disqualification from being able to hold any political or social views. That latter stance is what was expressed in the description of Sean Healy as a “pontificating bleeding hearted cleric who would be better off keeping his head down and being quiet in the midst of all the horrendous abusers in his religious organisation”.

The RCC isn’t the sacred cow it once was.

You’re still reading too much into my comment so l’ll give you a similar situation which would draw similar responses from me like Fianna Fail giving comment about financing and integrity. I also treat such comments with the same derision. As a point of information , the Catholic Church is the People and not the degenerate ruling body that is an abhorrence to the true teachings of Christ. The Church hierarchy have lost the moral high ground and where once I would have listened to Sean Healy and obeyed but now I would quicker take heed of Sean Quinn. :slight_smile:

It should be noted that “socialjustice.ie” is a Catholic organisation - socialjustice.ie/node/260

The Links page has a link to Church… it only appears to include Catholic organisations…