Back in the nest: an agonising tale that's completely lackin

Since gettings ones leg over (or lack thereof) appears to be a casualty of the downturn, I have a suggestion for all the tiger cubs who have to move back in with Mum and Dad.

Time share in a shag pad. With so many vacant appartments, it should be possible for some enterprising developer to do out some appartments as shag pads and lease them to people on a one - two night a month basis. It makes a dent in the housing stock, satisfies the needs of the cublets and provides employment (for housekeepers etc.).

Ingenious or what?

I must e-mail this suggestion to Irelands call or whaterver its called and claim my 100,000 euro. :laughing:

Apparently “Love Hotels” are big business in Japan. Not that we have much in common with Japan.
Wait, hang on…

This is our fuck-hotel moment…

I`ve more sympathy for the under 25s who are expected to work for free under the WPP1/2 programmes when we all know at the end of it there will be feck all jobs for them as it tackles none of the root causes of our unemployment problems.
The changes in the dole for under 25s effectively forces them to live at home with their parents. Very unhealthy and unfair on the parents. This is not the sort of society I want. When Im in my 50s/60s and hopefully I have kids and they are hitting adulthood I would like a society/economy that allows them to live their own lives.

This crap about poor so and so who has a mental mortgage but has a good job? just go bankrupt if you cant afford it. Better than living at home jeez forcing themselves on their poor parents!

In a nutshell: Dentists with secure public sector jobs cannot afford their home repayments.

The crash is only getting warmed up, because that is nothing less than absurd.

solution then for all the hotels around the country

In this case it could also be a reflection of our leaving cert system. The author gets into dentistry intially for her ability to soak up knowledge like a sponge and regurgitate it in a series of exams. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she’s a fine dentist but equating high points to common sense is misplaced. I don’t want to put words in your mouth but the fact she is a dentist will not protect her from stupid decisions. Call her a statistical anomoly if you wish but dentist cannot afford mortgage does not reflect the norm; in terms of affordability. I must add, in terms of greed and stupidity the wealthier classes may have been even more suceptable to stupid decisions than poorer people.

maybe she was soakin up info like a sponge from the news, media, estate agents, banks and politicians? Remember what it was like during the “good” times? those guys had free reign

She’s working with the HSE, FB2, so that may have an impact on her income that being in a private practice she might not feel. If she really had brains, she would have chosen hair-dressing, which according to the guy who does my few locks, is virtually recession proof.

So true. I can remember my sister when she was 16 leaving school to go and do hair dressing.

I asked her was it not wise to finish? You see by the time she was qualified I told her that the economy would be in ruins.

Well she qualified there two weeks ago (it 4 years to train) and has already had one new job offer and also managed to negotiate her current pay and days up her her existing place of employment. I was right about one thing wrong to worry about the other.

The moral of the story is stick to what you know and hairdressing is not one of my specialties (if you saw me flowing locks you’d understand).

Its a haircuts economy in every sense of the word.

Wait till the grange becomes social housing and she’ll really be pissed.

Honestly though, WTF is agonising about her story?

+1. Its hardly Haiti FFS.

‘The spirit of gracious living’

That was the guff plastered all over the ‘breakfast at tiffany’s’ style advertising hoardings outside the Grange, how I envy those gracious living professionals working 2 jobs to scrape together the repayments on a 1 bed apartment

There are families living on half that girl’s salary, scraping by, paying for kids, doing without

I don’t know whether that article is designed to make us feel sorry for the cubs or to enrage us

:laughing: you may be onto something.

I see that the article was written by Alison O’Riordan.

Here she is in the first person singular, seemingly in the same edition of the *same *paper…

‘‘Canned chatter’’, as Aleister Crowley called newspaper journalism.

Exactly, I’m currently in Latin America, and paid a dentist, 10 dollars for a filling last week.Cheaper than a short, back and sides back home.
Guy smiled when I entered, and shook my hand when I left.
Considering the wages a dentist gets back home, it’s obscene they are complaining in the national media.

Do dentists call them selves “Dr. SoAndSo” rather than “Mr.” there too? I always find that annoying and pretentious.


Thanks for that H&S. Mentioned earlier in the thread.



It seems to be more a Dublin thing, this all-or-nothing approach to accommodation i.e. live with your parents or buy. I know so many Dubliners who lived with their parents well into their late 20s then over-leveraged themselves to get on the ‘ladder’ compared to us provincials who haven’t much choice. It’s partly a sign of how stigmatised renting has been and partly, I suspect, not wanting to countenance any drop in living standards that comes from having to pay for your own NTL package and cupboard staples. A friend of mine finally moved out of the parental nest at 29 and was outraged at how much stuff you had to buy – “I mean, having to buy SALT and stuff!”, he fumed…