Back in the nest: an agonising tale that's completely lackin

I’d say your great friends.

People can be perfectly nice, intelligent and all that but terrible with money. The problem (as we all know) is that Irish society has upturned all logic to ensure that people who are the worst with money win every time therefore people who are bad with money not only have no incentive to learn they’d be foolish to learn!

But at least you’re there to teach them sharper! :laughing:

Baily Point in Salthill Galway has loads of pretentious pictures of well to do smug young couples generally looking like assholes. Can’t find the pics online.

Would be nice to dig that out for posterity.

Every town in ireland has pretentious smug young couples looking like assholes - none is worse than dundrum town centre :angry:

Salthill to me is rain, chips shops, poker machines, that weird castle front niteclub and not:

there are some court cases and lynn was involved

Ya mean this place?:
Bailey Point, Galway

interesting how the same names keep turning up when “delusions” start to crumble… or go to and search for TQ.

I don’t see the Alison O’Reardon types going for fine dining meals and sipping champagne on that picture, but they are there.

on closer inspection, the grange and mount st annes and bloomfield are all designed by award winning architects o’mahony pike , spot the similarities (besides the huge price tag)




Mt. St. Annes and Bloomfield are both lovely developments in fairness. (Price aside.) Can’t speak as to the Grange.

Nice indeed. But to get a better idea of where prices for these kind of units are likely to end up, watch this video and work out the kind of labour and material inputs involved in their construction. - Imo, when *all *of the air is taken out of the property bubble, labour and material inputs will be all left to us to try and tangibilise value. Even then, buyers will be driving hard bargains.

EDIT - I would also say that exceptional design inputs will be highly valued when we come out the other side (likely, even more so than they are currently). And exceptional craftsmanlike inputs will be highly valued also. ie. similar rules to those currently applied to mass production of manufactured goods will apply also to housing and other property development.