Bacon is a director of Ballymore Homes!!


Comments from last year on Peter Bacon interview



Link to PDF of brochure of the Property Developers Conference 2005.

Dr Peter Bacon leads the Irish Developers on their charge into international markets.(!)


Some Slovak site with Bacon shilling for Ballymore: … 26hs%3Dvks - Google Translate


bar a social uprising which would reform our “democracy” this illustrates why emigration is the best long term move.


This qualifies his comments “I’m not a moralists” somewhat.

So let me get this straight as I haven’t had much time these last 3 days to read the pin or digest what actually going on.

We have an “economist” who is also “property developer”, unelected by the people of Ireland proposing that the taxpayer i.e. the Irish people should buy the toxic waste of the Irish financial & political elite. Now have i got that right now?

Seriously who the fuck is Peter Bacon… its time to do some more digging.


are you sure. is there a link? according to cro he is director of following…



What are you doing? Letting the facts get in the way of the outrage??


He was a director: … 85182.html

Apparently not anymore: … t=yes.html


Ok he may not be any more but there is a smell and it needs to be explained.

That last bit about the the Banks are not Happy. With what a NAMA world or A Pre NAMA world whence they would have to carryout and hold the writedowns on the books? Excuse my utter ignorance here.


Another Slovak site - in English - from the 24th of March, 2009: … ratislava/


You don’t think he’s open to be questioned on his motives?


So when did ‘is’ become ‘was’? Somewhere between the Summer of '07 and the Spring of '09 it appears.

Ah sure that’s ancient history - bless his little cufflinks, I have no reason to doubt his impartiality.

Wait a minute, it’s still the Spring of '09 :open_mouth:


Yes but going by the developers calander, house prices are back at 2003 levels … so no conflict there :stuck_out_tongue:


SkyscraperCity, as always, with a thread which has some great pics on the Slovakian “Eurovea” project: … 4&page=150


no motive apart from liking links and facts…found it now


Original high quality pic, from March 2009 of “Eurovea”, here: … 1_8441.JPG

Cropped version:


That look’s lovely. The chimney reminds me of Ballymun.


Check out the Slovakian Companies Register:

This company - SYNAPHEA, a.s. - is the most intriguing:

#25 … 04769.html

From todays article its clear he’s been working on this plan quietly for some time.

I don’t remember any announcement but in early comments by Peter Bacon in a radio interview posted by Green Bear on the 25 Aug 2008 might not only indicate how long he has been working on this plan but also explain why Tom Parlon felt so embolden in August when he went for the NPRF and more to bail out his buddies.

The atlantic is not big enough to sink this turd.


Synaphea, the Slovakian registered company with Pete and his wife Jacqueline on the Supervisory board, takes us further down the rabbit-hole: