Bad Title


Got word back a place we SA has bad title/missing deeds. How much of a show stopper is it? Our solicitor seems to be exaggerating things a bit (suspect he doesn’t want to got bogged down as he is a fixed fee, high throughput type). Do banks run a mile form any title issues in terms of mortgage?


I bought a house with bad title in 2012. The original deeds were missing, although copies were available. In my case the vendor has raised a bond to cover the period until the title was rectified. My solicitor told me it is very common in city centres where most of the housing stock is 100+ years old (my house was built in the 1830s). Sorting it out just involved re-registering the title in the district court. As far as I remember it cost me a couple of hundred Euro, but did take a while (over a year). It didn’t present any problems for my mortgage but maybe the bond contributed to that.


Interesting, they have taken out the bond but don’t think their are copies in this case.