Bail us out or we'll rat you out

The government is being blackmailed.

The developers will not go down quietly. They’ll take us all down with them if their god-given right to swindle profit is taken away from them. Think how nasty a 2 year-old can be when his rattler taken away. The teet of corruption, political influence and backhanders must be reinstated for these guys to be satisfied.

The tribunals were only the tip of the iceberg.

The shit will bobble to the surface very fast if certain influential characters in the incestuous micro-world of Irish business are forced to go bust.

Jobs will be lost. Entire regions will be decimated. Political careers will be destroyed.

Corruption has been endemic in Ireland and things have gone sour. So sour that people are beginning to talk.

The shit is hurtling towards the fan.

Can you be a bit more specific, without getting the forum sued?

All will become clear this week. Major Irish company threatening to massively scale back their operations in a certain region. Would be hugely damaging politically to the entire area, indeed the country.

Must say I in agreement with this point - I don’t know the whys or who’s or how’s - but there seems to be an impasse here with regard to developers dropping prices on new builds - seen an add today offering cars with houses - can’t understand if banks are stopping credit to small business’s - yet the developer (not a specific but in general) are still adding incentives instead of reducing prices. Makes me think that there is indeed a promise of some kind in the budget… As I have stated in previous posts a developer allowed me, a cash buyer, walk away from a new development rather than reducing it somewhat. Any developer in serious trouble would have snapped up a cash buyer if they were stuck… they seem not to be.

Major Irish company? - are you sure it’s Irish?

How about a game of twenty questions.

Does it have the letter Q in it’s name?

One Mr Eddie Barrett of Tralee, an auctioneer cum bookie , was just on the week in Politics stating that there are so many shop retail units built that Ireland is now “300% Overshopped” and you know Eddie is absolutely right so he is .

Where is the feckin demand for these overblown projects??

Many of these rumours never amount to much anyway. For example Dell, or that large developer that was meant to go bust at the beginning of this month.

I can’t believe we’ve managed to get to this point without much (any?) shit hitting the fan.

There can’t be much more room left under the carpet at this stage, so much has been swept under it.