Bailey Point, Salthill, Galway

I drove past this today and it seems that frost/cold damaged the external render plasterwork meaning that the plaster on the corners has shed and this shedding is starting to work out across the facades from the corners. Bit more frost promised over the next week. I shall endeavour to get some photos. Here is one taken earlier with all four front facade corners intact up to the top of the second floor. The cladding at ground level appears intact.
Add that to the swimming pool in the basement of their car park and we have quite a lot of serious and unresolved problems for their Management Company…if indeed there is one after all the court cases between First Active / Cunningham …Michael Lynn as a star witness etc etc.

Damn thing is well on its way to being a crumbling eyesore :frowning:

Will most likely appear on a coffee table book about the decline of Ireland in a few years time


It would be such a ‘shame’ if this wonderful example of post modern bling were to fall to rack and ruin and consequently needed demolishing

Tis a horrible edifice. Displaces attention from the next door soviet style beauty Burren Mount hotel

Sounds like if it makes it to 1% of the age of the Great Sphinx it’ll be doing well. :angry:

Why is this in the Soup?

I spotted that a while back. It definitely pre-dates the recent cold blast, not sure about the one at the end of November. I think it might though. It is an awful kip.

Is it true that there is pyrite in Bailey Point?
The Council had to order it be painted in 2012.
It looks abysmal, literally falling apart made worse with every storm.