Bailout- Am I missing something?/

Ok- so the govt says unemploymnet will rise to 7.3% next year ( even though the Central Bank said 8%)

They have also hammered the middle classes with stealth taxes and taken, according to reports I have heard tonight, €200 million away from peoples spendinh power.

How do Country Tom’s people expect house prices to stabilise now?? Surely the wider economic picture would still ensure that house prices continue to fall?

Or am I missing something?

They don’t care about house prices stabilising, he just wants to remaining new builds sold.

Yeah I know that Whiz- but who in their right mind is going to buy a house now?

People who believe that this is a short term issue and that prices will soon return to “normal”

That army of believers is getting smaller by the day and is now in full retreat.

Even AAM posters say don’t buy!

Wow , truly we have left denial!

People who believe rent is dead money but mortgage interest isn’t.
People who are sick of renting, or feel there’s a stigma associated with it.
Er… that’s it.

Mary Hanafin has her figures wrong me thinks.

Not sure that renting stigma is there anymore…

A friend of mine sold in early 2007 to rent. People quietly ridiculed him behind his back for months.

At a recent get toghether he was hailed as some kind of hero. Others in the group are now trying to sell, but they can’t!