Ballinteer Semi D for 200K

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and am just looking for some advice. We have 60K in savings and mortgage approval of 140k. I am just wondering does anyone think it realistic to think that we would get a three bed semi for €200k in the Ballinteer area this year? The cheapest I have seen one sold for was 215k last year in May … in-16-6202

Do you think prices will drop to under 200k in the next year. Is there any realistic chance that we could hope to buy in this area for this price?
The only place I saw that sold for under this price in the area was Meadow Park, in Churchtown but am not sure about that estate.

Thanks for any help

Nobody really knows how prices will behave this year. Your guess could be as good as any “expert’s” if not better. Keep saving so then you may be prepared to bid higher.