Ballpark figure to build 1,400 sq feet?

What do you think it would cost me to build a modest, 1,400 sq ft, two storey house in rural Cork? The house would have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The windows, fitted kitchen, sanitary ware, tiling, flooring etc. would be of medium quality.

The site is level and has no access problems.
There’s electricity on the site.
A septic tank needs to be installed.
Water mains run as far as a neighbouring house.
A derelict cottage (approx 500 sq ft) needs to be demolished.

Has anyone done anything similar recently?

I built a house approx twice the size of this in 2004 when tradesmen were hard enough to get hold of.
The total cost of your build will depend on a number of things.

  1. Can you do any of the work yourself, chasing walls, fixing ceiling slabs, stud partitioning, tiling, timber floors only good DIY skills needed here and can save loads of money.

  2. What finish you are looking for? flooring and walling finish can be anywhere from €4 per sqm to €400 per sqm and more.

  3. Outside the house are you going to build a shed ( size matters), tarmac driveways ( size matters) entrance ( electirc gates or cattle grid a must in rural area or cattle will get in )

  4. Is it a large site, lovely big lawns need prep and maintainance allow 3-4 k for a ride on lawnmower

I’m sure you will find many more costs along the way but if I was to put a ball park figure on what you are planning to do, to include average fittings, doors, floors etc and do some of the work myself you should hope to do it for between 80k and 100k

hope this helps a little


Try referencing the rebuild costs from the Society of Chartered Surveyors

Blue Horseshoe

Thanks for your thoughts folks.

Surely there is a huge difference between ‘semi self build’ and paying someone else to do the whole lot.

If you are in the trade and can get goods at trade prices etc, that must count for a huge amount?

Quality enough job, c €60 p sq ft.

i would think 60 per sq ft is too cheap. You should budget for double that. It might come in around the 100 mark but better to have the addtional funds should you require it.