Ballybrack Village - Hundreds of Locals Protest Asylum Refugee Racket

Some turnout in Ballybrack village yesterday with over a hundred locals coming out to protest the asylum racket at short notice.

Tensions indeed. Not a quality situation pushing the small older lady. Lucky she didn’t slip. Tensions indeed. What’s the Jeep?

How many are planned for this place?

The , eh, kettle is boiling.

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A group of trade unions, student unions and political groups will take part in a rally in support of asylum seekers in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, today.

Beginning at 1pm at People’s Park, the rally asks people to “say no to hate and fear” and “yes to respect and humanity”.

The gathering follows a series of anti-migrant protests in South County Dublin and a rock thrown at the window of Ballybrack Councillor Hugh Lewis’ childhood home.

Participating groups include Sinn Féin, the Social Democrats, People Before Profit and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Fórsa.

‘Unfairly targeted’

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said the rally will show refugees they are welcome in Ireland.

NGOs no doubt.

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60 apparently but it could be more who really knows.

The population of the wider Ballybrack area is 6,000 according to google for the 2016 census. 60 equals a percent.

An overnight addition that is equal to a years worth of growth among the existing population. With no end in sight.

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Hit dumb people with these. Might make it easier to understand what is happening. People arent great at numbers.

Family reunification figures are what on average?

Of course Christy there and a sustained round of applause for Sinead as a “fearless trailblazer” (reference to spreading the love I suppose)

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Many of them seem to have quite a pasty palour.

Probably don’t get out much.

Too much Twitter.

(Their moral high-ground arguments are lame.)

Apart from the regime paint by numbers update with extra policing on top.

Did RTE cover the initial and ongoing local protestations?

The figure I read is up to 20 family members imported each, over the course of time.

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More climate change consequences