Ballymun - Buses of Males arrive in Ballymun Main street Refugees Plantation

Ballymun community reacts to the “new arrivals” by hitting the streets in protest. Looks like some more traffic disruption, at this rate a small chain of communities may bring Dublin traffic to a total halt. These people are only a few hundred metres away from the Ballymun M50 on and off ramps too.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Ahh, the Children card.

It’s going to be hard to challenge the contingent for whom Secoriea Turner’s murder was no problem at all.

Menace media in unison firmly applying the phrase “far-right” to describe any Irish people who disagree with their public representatives in the form of civil protest.

I see it took 3 people to write that article, that’s a lot of spooks kept busy and a great way to destroy once and for all any illusion of a “brand” or “reputation” of whatever sick puppy is using dark arts… I know I know what happened to the pin. :rofl:

:cloud_with_lightning: Extra Super Red WANIRNG, Far-right storms predicted for Dublin tomorrow evening, stay safe & effective indoors people - shelter in place! :icon_beer:


26th of January sees continuing protest in Ballymun this evening,