Ban on evictions on the way

A lot of talk the Govt will place a temporary ban on evictions for the Winter. Apparently it is constitutional if temporary, for a specific reason.

Worked during Covid crisis, now be trotted out because, why, inflation and fuel prices cuasing some potential homelessness?

Surely this will encourage even more landlords to sell asap, notice to tenants on the way this week…

Year3 - we were always at WAR with the Landlords.

Remember it has ZERO to do with the 20 years open borders extremist WEF Regime policy.

Meanwhile the lad who doesn’t want to talk or mention the elephants, has been busily floggin’ his book and been calling for these things, specifically the eviction ban for a long time, but is not political you see, no no not at all, but the political luvvies have twittered their copies of his book now and sure if you write a book you can dictate all kinds of policy as it trumps running for elections n’stuff as we know from past experience.

In terms of the LL’s getting out, the run to the door has occurred while @Luan pointed out not a lot of BTL mortgages being written in 2021 - overall continue to fail to see how this will work when it’s only a symptom of the root problem being:

Hidden agendas covered up by daft ideas that are usually unconstitutional.

… but sorry it’s the evil landlords and their Article something or other rights, the one that protects the right to own property for one and all.

But what about the funds?

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I’ve been following and posting the Resi mortgage lending but haven’t looked at BTL lending in ages. Leave it with me…

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The government’s proposed eviction ban disproportionately advantages foreigners (renters) and at the same time disproportionately disadvantages Irish accidental landlords (young people who bought apartments in 2008-2010 and had to rent them out and rent houses to start their own families).

It will push these people out of the market and “tenant unaffected” sales means only vulture funds will buy them.

Combine this with the proposed concrete tax. Builders will pass this on to the buyer, meaning Irish families have to compete at even higher prices with local authorities and housing NGOs buying up houses to give to Slovak gypsies, Nigerians and Syrians.

Once again, the government is working tirelessly around the clock to protect the interests of those they represent: Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard and the NGOs against their enemies the Irish people.


As per gripts latest poll, rather negatively received. Regime is regime, everyone is seeing it now #NotMyRegime

Is the proposed “ban on evictions” a good or bad idea?

  • BAD IDEA (82%, 273 Votes)
  • GOOD IDEA (18%, 58 Votes)
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This is not a surprise but it is a big problem. The elite believe that managed socialism saved thousands of lives and livelihoods in the last 3 years. As I said in August

They Banned Christmas so you know, this is small change no?


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The comments are having none of it Rory Hearne (@RoryHearneGaffs): "I'll say it The country is broken. It's broken: -we have the highest level of homelessness since the foundation of the state -renters living in fear -A generation who can't get the most basic need of a home of their own -Youth emigrating as they see no future A Republic?" | nitter

Original twitter link:

Looks like the People are done with the Menace on every topic irrespective of the source.

No facepalm face palmy enough to do justice to this moment.

Once again the comments are not having any of it and calling it out.

When launching his book he got a lovely photo op with Higgins. :handshake:

At this point Maynooth University…

We are continuing to see a large exodus of landlords from the private rental sector… resulting in fewer properties available to rent and fewer housing alternatives for households who are facing eviction.

Archived link:

Working like a charm - Problem, Reaction, Solution Charm.

ICAN2021 :ireland:

This thread explores the relationship between migration & homelessness in Ireland, via a Twitter conversation on that topic between myself, @FocusIreland, and @RoryHearne.

My conclusion is that some form of generational conflict seems likely.



This data is from @FocusIreland’s website.
As you can see, homelessness had been rising steadily for several years until the turn of 2020, when the trend began to reverse. The down trend continued for about 18 months until the summer of 2021, when homelessness took off again.
2/ Image

The period from early 2020 to mid 2021 happens to coincide with the worst of the Covid restrictions.
In early 2020, the world began limiting its movement. By mid 2021, the developed world had vaxxed its most vulnerable, lockdowns were ending & air travel was resuming.
3/ Image

The first steady decline in Irish homelessness in years began around the same time that international air travel was heavily restricted. Irish homelessness started increasing again around the time that air travel returned.

A coincidence?

I thought not.


4/ Image

If immigration was driving homelessness, then we would expect lower air travel to coincide with lower homelessness, and vice versa.

Which is what happened.

The ‘natural experiment’ of Covid restrictions was pointing us to a particular conclusion.


You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Experiment - FreakonomicsYou Make Me Feel Like a Natural Experiment - Freakonomics

:rotating_light: While this data is compelling, it is not PROOF that migration alone is driving homelessness :rotating_light:

It strongly suggests that migration is a factor, but it is not proof that migration is the only factor (see image). Further investigation is both needed & justified.


I tweeted the data to @RoryHearne. If anyone understood the relationship between migration and housing, it would surely be Ireland’s leading housing expert. Right?

Rory didn’t reply (as usual :roll_eyes:) but @FocusIreland did…
7/ Image

@mentionssent a link to a blog they had written on homelessness among foreigners.
The tweet also claimed that “The reason for the fall in homelessness was a ban on evictions during that period”.

I had doubts about both the blog and the claim…


1 My point was that immigration seemed to be driving homelessness in Ireland. Whereas @FocusIreland’s blog only showed that there were foreigners who were homeless too.

OK. But that doesn’t address my point – much less disprove it.


Understanding housing inequalities: The disproportionate risk of homelessness facing migrants living in Ireland - Donate - Focus Ireland

2 @FocusIreland claimed that the fall in homelessness during the lockdowns was due to the eviction ban, and nothing else, but they didn’t provide any evidence for this claim.
The blog contained no analysis of migration, so how do they know that migration wasn’t a factor?


Moreover, the blog argues that the eviction ban reduced homelessness because it stopped landlords from selling their properties.

But that’s not fair, not sustainable, and not a long-term solution to the problem. That’s #kickingthecan & it’s likely to create its own problems.


Meanwhile, the data that we DID have on migration was telling a more compelling story.
The trend of increasing foreign migration to Ireland was broken during the pandemic (when air travel was restricted) before rebound sharply afterwards - just as homelessness did.



Since 2017, over 700,000 foreigners have entered the country.

Are we really to believe that this massive increase in the demand for housing, has had no effect on the demand for housing?
Or the availability of housing?
Or the price of housing in Ireland?

Really?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



But the PPS data only tells us about people coming in to the country. It doesn’t take account for people leaving, so it overstates the demand for housing.

OK, but the net migration figures tell the same story.

Net 180k arrivals since 2017. What’s that, about 60k homes?

The data tells us that:
1 net migration from abroad is increasing the demand for housing in Ireland
2 homelessness fell when immigration fell
3 homelessness increased when immigration increased

Isn’t it time we looked at housing demand, and the effects of immigration? :man_shrugging:


I responded to @FocusIreland with a thread summarising my position again & asking if they had any data to support their assertion that the eviction ban reduced homelessness, but that the reduction in air travel & immigration did not.


Mike from @FocusIreland responded.
Unfortunately, his data was 6 years out of date, didn’t address my point, and was interpreted incorrectly.
Net migration has been positive since 2015 which, if anything, supports my point that immigration is driving homelessness.


Mike also seemed to misunderstand my argument (or how migration works).
It is possible to reduce immigration without affecting emigration, or without closing your borders entirely. I’m in favour of regulating migration, not turning Ireland into an autarky.


And that is where the conversation ended!

As things stand, @FocusIreland & @RoryHearne continue to maintain that the fall in homelessness during the lockdowns was due to the eviction ban alone, and not lower migration. Yet no evidence proving either claim has been presented.


Since then @RoryHearne – who you would expect to have researched and answered this question already – decided that he was done with the matter. This behaviour does not engender confidence. TBH, I find the whole conversation a bit unsettling…
20/ Image

These people appear regularly in the news media. They are given massive platforms to say whatever they want, yet the conclusions they reach seem to reflect their personal political ideologies (eviction bans = good; regulating migration = bad), and not the available data.


How is it that people who are so influential on a matter of such importance, are allowed to broadcast their opinions without presenting any evidence? Why are they dismissing other ideas out of hand? Why are they ignoring crucial data?
Can we even trust them? :thinking:


So where does that leave us?
1 With massive inflows into the country creating unlimited demand for housing
2 With an expert class who it seems - once again - we cannot trust
3 With a housing crisis that will only lessen if another generation of Irish emigrates


4 With an Irish establishment (all home-owners) who refuse to recognise the possibility that unregulated migration is creating unlimited demand for housing, and that this is ruinous for our economy, our communities, our public services, and the health & stability of society.


In short, the Gen Xers and the Boomers opened the floodgates, and the Millennials and the Zoomers got flooded. And since the Gen Xers and the Boomers control the media, we can’t even talk about the problem.
This is a recipe for generational conflict.
25/25 Image

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Rory’s Second wish

“…You know they eviction ban they just brought in…”

Without the benefit of doubt you might think this guy is a terrible liar actor, so you have to assume he’s not that stupid and thus must be a NWO shill.

  • PROBLEM: The eviction ban - that Rory called for and the Gov (genie) magically implemented.

  • REACTION: Oh No! Pent up eviction mean eviction Tusnami when the eviction ban ends (everyone pointed this out, so again he can’t be that stupid, he wrote book don’t ya know!).

  • SOLUTION: MORE but BIGGER BETTER 100% FREE eviction ban 4 All!

Know them by their fruit New Normal = New World Order - Read the Book

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A pointed out many times here for different reasons, but the concurrent trend turing into a Tsunami of investors/landlords exiting the rental sector at speed the poor suffering Regime will have only one option left soon enough and that will be to roll out their Steal For All solution, or more communism baby.

You see, here is the other train on the same track.

:military_helmet: Prepare for impact!

Estate in D15 I’m bounded to, app 300 so called apartments in 5 blocks, ~50 got their notice including my family, kind of shit there is nothing, the rent has been extortion at 1200, controlled, but the new one would be suicidal, I have only 2 kidneys, they don’t go for that much however there might be some market for the pure blood.

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