Bank Auctioning properties

How about an alternative explanation?

The person does not exist. Burgess made him up to generate publicity and get attention for his crappy web site. I heard the smug cunt on RTE Radio 1 on the way to work this morning, wallowing in the attention from Aine Lawlor who could not ask a penetrating follow-up question if the lives of all her family depended on it. The pair were enjoying the alleged story of woe. Just as the Germans have a word for it - schadenfreude - maybe we should have an Irish word - to burgess, to be a smug know-it-all, self-publicising, after-the-event smart-arse.

I burgessed him good
He was so burgessed
You should have seen the burgessing he got

Soon to be a film starring Colin Farell: In Burgess.

The scenario seems a little contrived: arrive at auction with deposit cheque but no loan approval or even loan application, even need a loan to buy some cheap property, auctioneer sells dodgy property with bad title, property that receiver is selling do not have good title and so is at risk of not selling and thus not recovering money, solicitor cannot find a way around, etc.

If I was the auctioneer holding the first of potentially many of such events, I would do my best to make sure the first one went well. That would mean doing some due diligence on the title of the properties.

I would prefer to hear first-hand details rather than n-th hand alleged low-fact hearsay. Get the alleged person on the radio or television. Get information from the auctioneer. Do some research. Or be an Irish journalist and do fuck all.

Or maybe I am just a cynic.

Or maybe yer tryin’ to burgess us. :mrgreen:

When is the brochure for the next auction expected

The next Allsopspace catalogue will be out this weekend, apparently.


What is Brendan Burgess or any of us supposed to do? OP needed to take responsibility for their actions. Excuse me while I look for the worlds smallest violin, so I can play it. It is hard to find, because it is very small.

What the OP did in that auction is entirely typical of what happened all over this country in the last ten years and has brought us to the wretched state we are in. If it is a fantasy of the owner of the website, then he entirely lacks imagination, but it is more like you suffer from an excess of imagination.

the hint is in the title not

Now for Rent @ 2,800 p/m

isn’t this Michaela’s gaff? Someone should tell her London rents aren’t achievable in Dublin

Penthouse fail.

Hang on a second here … I knew Irish auctions were the equivalent of swimming bollock naked in a river full of hungry pyranha, but I never realised the auctioneer could take bids on a property that the vendor couldn’t even prove they owned :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
… and then to make matters even worse the vendor could hold onto the deposit all the while knowing that you could never complete the sale …

Every time I think I’ve handle on just how fucked up & corrupt this banana republic is, I find another level of stupidy !

Excuse me while I go put my neighbours mansion into an auction & then laugh my ass off at the dumb bastard that ‘wins’ it XX

Now listed as Let.

Property prices now down 9.6% this year. … ul2011.pdf

Pay up Paddy!!!

Lot 10 in April 2011 auction
7 Meadow Villas, Dundrum
Now on sale again at 450k … 14/1758792
Has someone done it up and now trying to flip it?

Wow, I have no idea how you keep track of this stuff! Great catch.

God only knows what’s going on here. Very odd. Although we certainly shouldn’t exclude the not unreasonable possibility that of the few hundred properties sold at distressed auctions to date, it is statistically likely that there would be one buyer amongst them who’d have a legitimate, unforeseen reason or changed circumstances for buying and then selling quickly. In this scenario, the 30k premium over the last sale price is probably just bargaining room trying to ensure the €410k back.


Good luck with that.

Not only that but they’ve hived off the side garden and built TWO houses in it! For an idea compare the streetview to the main photo or garden photo on my home ad.

prediction substantial price drop within a month as marketing ploy

The house was sold at auction with valid planning for the 2 houses, so it would appear this was bought with the intention of doing exactly this. If I remember correctly the panning wasn’t mentioned on the original documentation when the auction was advertised, and that would explain why this particular house achieved a lot over reserve.

Interesting info. Could it be that someone turns a profit in this market on a quick flip? Supposing they get 250/300k per house, I would assume this would cover their purchase and build costs?

The house definitely won’t get anywhere near to 450 seeing as houses in this estate are generally going for between 250-300k, albeit without the fancy kitchen extension. This house ( 20 meters around the corner has 7 bedrooms and has been on the market a long while, most recently at 550k.