Bank guarantee scheme extended to next June … 24970.html

Clarification from the Irish Times article.

Sure why the fuck not?

Lol, sure why not offer 100 heavy pigs too ?

sorry to go off topic but does the Irish Deposit Protection Scheme (e100K guaranteed) remain in place indefinetly or is there a cut off date for it as well

No cut off for this. It is as safe as the solvency of the Irish state … XX

I wonder why this announcement is being made at this point in time - has the run on bank deposits already started and is this an attempt to calm the nerves.

When I heard the announcement I thought “What’s the point? It’s not worth the paper it’s written on” and I’m sure a lot of other people thought that too.

Yeah, insolvent banks are been guaranteed by an insolvent state. Pointless. It won’t stop the run.

the sentiments of just about everyone I know with half a brain