Bank Holiday today? Why?

Err… anybody know why the banks were closed today? I’ve looked up their websites, the Government Information sites, Citizens Advice etc and there is no hint of any Bank or Public holiday today - but the banks here were closed. Any info I have found says Dec 25th, 26th and Jan 1st.

29th December is a bank holiday, but not a public holiday. Banks and post offices remain closed.

At what point did Dec 29th become a Bank Holiday? Apart from a pdf on the IBOA website I have not been able to find this date shown in any list.

Basically the banks/post office are closed for 3 working days after Christmas - but there are only 2 official public holidays at Christmas.

Was surprised to see the trains and Luas were running to a Saturday schedule too.

it’s a bank holiday because the service they provide is a joke
It’s been quite a while since i actually had to visit a branch but back then they weren’t open evenings or weekends , so if you had a job you couldn’t actually visit the bank
(honestly don’t know the opening hours nowadays)

my local post office was open today.

i cant say it often enough but even though they are run by a crowd of cowboys Anglo have the best customer service by far

Well said. Everytime I am back in Ireland on holidays I am always shocked that the banks still adhere to a 1950s style opening hours schedule. Its a joke! I got stung by it yesterday too, plus they will close an hour early tomorrow at 4, why? Is 5pm not early enough on New Years Eve? FFS!

For comparison my local TD branch in Vancouver (not even a big branch) is open 8am-6pm Mon-Wed 8am-8pm Thurs-Fri and 10pm-4pm on Saturdays. I even know of a CIBC branch locally that has some Sundays hours as well!

At the very least there should be one branch of each Irish bank open on Saturdays in every large town/city in Ireland.

I have to agree. Their staff are very helpful and they open late a few evenings (at least they used to anyhow)

When you compare them to the likes of PTSB and First Active there is no competition.

I was going to do a thread on this. Every other service industry in Ireland sets their hours to suit their customers but the banks are clearly above that sort of thing.