Bank of Ireland - Banking Systems Failure - Day 12

For those nervouse pinstersTried to take out €250 while ago at a B of I atm told me max withdrawal was €200 took the two hundred got my receipt but it showed no balance it was marked balance unavailable. This was done with a B of I card from a B of I account with a good balance. I rang them and they say they are having system issues but please note DO NOT PANIC its just a computer glitch

Interesting timing on this:

I think it is an eircom issue.

Is that just Northern Ireland?

You will need to amend title if so.

The Tin Foil hat brigade will be out in force

should that not be ‘having SYSTEMIC issues’

Hmm, isn’t today the day Cantona was calling for a run on the French banks?

This could turn into a panic situation very easily/quickly.

Interestingly the lady I spoke to on the phone and I was talking to my branch in Cork said they had had a number of calls about this I asked why they didnt put something up on their website it wasnt there then maybe it is now and she said the branch had asked for this to be done but Head office were deciding how best to post it

Funnily enough I can’t get into my banking 365 account. I’m sure there is nothing for you all to worry about ( as FB2 puts 350 euros worth of beans and shotgun shells on the Mastercard.)

are you missing a cat?

Damien Kiberd just mentioned the Cantona plan on Newstalk so yep today is the day,

Zerohedge is going big on this…blaming Cantona

I can’t access my BOI 365 account either…

This is it, Punt Nua by midnight…

Yawn, someone probably disconnected the wrong cable in the datacentre

Will spend the rest of their life filling out forms and attending “Post Incident Review” meetings

I hope the stupid fuckers who lent all the money get to go to those meetings too.

Maybe we should change that South Park song from “Blame Canada” to “Blame Cantona” :smiley:

Probably. Went into BOI (Dublin City Centre) there to cash a cheque and didn’t know my account number. They told me their systems were down so couldn’t look it up but I could lodge it if I knew my number.

ATMs stop working every so often all the time. I think they still use 1990s software to run the thing. It is just unfortunate that it happened now with speculation on BOI.

Someone go to a Banklink machine with a Pass card would help troubleshoot the problem :slight_smile:

Shotgun - €500
100 Shells - €200
50 Slugs (for close encounters) - €150
100 tins beans (Lidl) - €52
50 tins soup (Aldi) - €35
5 bottles redbreast 12 year old - €200
Bunker in Roscommon - €60,000
Gold bullions - €10,000

Watching that first zombie’s head explode as you snarf back your last tin of beans - priceless.


Sorry, someone had to do it.

I know that PTSB when it became PTSB decided to bring in a new system rather than using their several old systems (a few for old TSB and a few for old IP). AFAIK, they still haven’t done it.