Bank of Ireland - Banking Systems Failure - Day 12

Im hearing that a switch went bye bye…probably some kind of enterprise director class jobbie
I know they dont believe in redundancies for any type of failings or corruption in BOI banking sector ,obviously they apply that to their IT DR plan … no redundant switches no redundant paths.

BOI engineers give us another wave

365 working and my salary, which was lodged Wednesday night and shows on my balance after midnight is only showing now. When I could check yesterday, I did and the money wasn’t there, yet the lodgement date is yesterday. Where did my money go?

BOI IT was outsourced - badly. A lot of expertise left some time ago because of the HP fiasco.

Your money was transferred. However the banking interface is just that - an interface.

Our hosting company for our online application was down for about 14 hours when this happened two years ago.
It was a very complex tech issue with spanning trees! and disk drive arrays and other stuff for data storage
But they got it bank up and going
This BOI issue is a farce.
Surely bank s should have to proove they can have a backup plan ready to go with 2-3 hours!!!
My guess is BOI made 2-3 million per day for few years and were too mean to spend on a proper IT infrastructure and disaster recovery

So now that IBM have the IT infrastructure services contract, are they to blame? Or would it be too soon into their contract? … -services/

Spanning tree is only complex when it is badly designed. These days with features like VSS and vPC there is absolutely no excuse for complex spanning tree topologies.

Anyone whose network is falling over due to spanning tree instability has a shit network design.

The website now reads

To BOI customers - question for you would this make you change bank? all other problems aside?
In normal times I`d imagine a large number of customers moving bank maybe leave a small sum in BOI

They do the same thing with credit cards. If the round-trip to the clearing house is taking a long time your transaction can be automatically authorised without a go-ahead from the clearing house. They can even set the delay time. So Tesco might set quite a short time to keep their lines moving. But somebody selling you a car or a diamond ring would set no upper limit so that they can be certain that you have the sponds to cover it.

AFAIK very few people under the age of 30 or so even have chequebooks anymore. I have a chequebook that I got when I set up my current account in college. But my younger sister didn’t get one when she set up hers and she never got one later. It is handy on the odd occasion.

Whatever the cause, it would appear that they have a single point of failure somewhere in their architecture (unless they were really unlucky and the redundant side also failed), a lack of tried and tested contingency and recovery and seemingly a lack of knowledge of their own architecture. For a bank that is truly shocking. If I was a BOI customer, I’d be asking if their spend and attitude to IT Security is similar to that of their transaction systems.

Still offline. Day 5.

Huh? I just logged on to banking 365 (about 1.50 p.m. or so) and did 2 transfers no problem.

It appears to be back but will the customer stay. Mad shit. Wonder if any important data has been disappeared, IBM has a history of facilitating in disappearing more than things. :angry:


Is it a Godwin breach when you’re talking about actual Nazis?

“business is business” right :frowning:

Has anyone else had any card problems with BOI, mine was cancelled 2 days ago because of “skimming” and I just found out that my colleauges card was cancelled 2 days ago because he requested. He absolutely did not request this. Are there systems in tatters or being hacked or something?


I just got a call form BoI to say my card is being cancelled becasue of skimming at a “non-Bank of Ireland” machine on Baggot Street. They cannot identify the machine or when the card might have been skimmed.

I look at machines carefully when I use them so I am very surprised. Also, I haven’t used an ATM since the 13th of December.

I have lost all faith in them with their recent fiasco. I am bulling they have no more details. they said to ring banking 365 for more details. Then they said they were ringing from banking 365! They then said I have to ring my branch on Monday. I don’t know why my branch would know and they wouldn’t.

I told them that the whole country thought they were on the verge of running out of money and they were helping that impression with their latest system failures and lack of info on why cards were being cancelled. I said if I did not get more information I was withdrawing all my money next week. That did not make a difference.

I always cover my hand when punching in my PIN.
My only guess is that if they find aa ATM that has been compromised, protocol may be to cancel every card that has used it as a precautionary measure.

One begins to suspect that the ‘skimming’ did not happen at an ATM machine…

Heard a report that there has been a spate of these. Lots of folks without cash cards as Christmas approaches. My BOI issued credit card was ‘compromised’ last week. Best part of a week waiting for replacement.