Bank Of Ireland Nil Paid Scripts


Anyone 'know much about the BOI nil paid scripts. My mother in law holds about 10,000 BOI shares and isn’t interested in investing anymore in the bank. I have a few quid to spare and am wondering can I piggy back on her holding.


I do not want to give you advice on whether the shares will go up or down following this rights issue.

Your MIL could ask her broker to sell enough of her rights to fund the purchase of as many new shares as possible without her committing any extra cash.

You could give her your money to take up her rights to buy new shares but it sounds a bit messy and I would advise you to not to go down this route. Don’t mix money and in-laws.

Or he could give the money to his wife, his wife gives the money to the mammy, the mammy exercises her rights and gifts the new shares back to the wife etc… NO TAX IMPLICATION from a CAT point