Bank of Ireland / Sherry Fitz hook up

I got a call the other day from the mortgage centre at Bank of Ireland asking if I would like to attend a special preview showing of a new development in Greystones marketed by Sherry Fitz. Not being interested in living in Greystones (lovely place but not for me) I didn’t ask any of the details of the development but I did ask whether the bank was sharing any information with Sherry Fitz - my immediate suspicion / reaction was the Bank tells the estate agent the amount of my mortgage approval - but was assured that the bank is not sharing any information at all with them. I’m not sure given the practices of the last decade and more that I have a whole lot of confidence in this.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I would be more interested to know whether BoI is funding housing developments again, which would be good news. Which development was it?

I didn’t ask, but Sherry Fitz have only one on their website - Seagreen, Blacklion so it is probably that.

it will be this im sure

The apartments aren’t due to start construction until the end of 2017 according to that site - they’re certainly wasting no time getting them pre-sold!

Why would anyone even think about buying houses off plans in this country? So many pitfalls.

Demand is high and supply is low in the greater Dublin area, anyone who wants to buy in Greystones is monitoring Myhome/Daft …why not just advertise it there rather than a scatter gun “cold calling” approach?

the “FANORE” house type looks like 1970’s social housing

Complain then to the data protection commissioner…

My suspicion is that DP is taken quite seriously in large firms like this.

Much more breaches in my experience in small firms, usually inadvertance or incompetence.