Bank Run Rumours The outtakes

Ah hah scratch scratch, there come the underbelly feelings and sentiment… It really is the endgame…

Sounds good,but I am a very important businessman and quite busy with stuff today,if I increase that 1% can I give you my Bank A/C details and get you to put them in your accounts,I hate hastle and shit like having to open accounts…Yawn.

What is the saying? Beggars cant be choosers… :wink:

Panicdotal more like.

screwed up quote cutting, will re-post.

I was there at 12:30 and the place was empty, only one or two customers.

Have to say that I agree. If the ECB/EC had looked like they were going to leave us swing then the panic would be entirely justified but at this point it is clear that they are going to stand by us as we get the finances under control, not because they fancy us but because, if they don’t, Spain is toast. I was far more worried when the unpredictable duo of Cowen/Lenny were steering the ship.

Still think they need to swiftly do a good-bank/bad-bank with BOI and AIB and in the very same move off-load the “Good” bank to one of Europe’s huge “names”: Deutsche Bank; Barclays; BNP; Credit Agricole. Nothing else will stop the run.

Yep. I don’t think they are moving quickly enough on the banks. This is not news to any regular viewers. When Northern Rock got into trouble, it was evident that Irish banks were going to be in trouble too. What is disheartening and alarming is that the slow pace continues.

Nice one Whizzbang.

Just for a bit of balance then.

Anecdotal: No queue in BOI Pearse Street at 12.30.

:slight_smile: Soon there’ll be pinsters suspiciously eyeing each other in quiet suburban bank branches – "Are you here on reconnaissance, or are *you *the run…?

Wasn’t there a suspicion at one stage that the BNP was completely made up of undercover journalists.

Imagine the fun you could have if you organised a flashmob to hang out in queue-like line outside a prominent branch of an Irish Bank :nin

The BOI at STephens Green/Merrion ROw would be best. Or the AIB next to Nesbits. Or both. :nin

Gives a new meaning to ‘on the run’ all right.

You mean ‘in on the run’

Just to be clear, my post was intended to be humorous and in no way should be construed as supporting anything sinister. :open_mouth:

As was mine.