"Bank sale" Portlaoise


Statements like that make me cringe :sick:

Could it actually be a genuine forced sale? If so it’s one of the first I’ve seen advertised as such. It doesn’t give the address, or any external photos, which would help create the impression that they are trying to sell this one on the quiet. "UPMARKET DEVELOPMENT " is fairly subjective as well.
Any thoughts?

Looks like it is a developer liquidation, the house has never been occupied, look at photo 3 the cover is still on the smoke alarm.

Sure give 'em a call and find out where it is…

They have a location marker on the google map.

The Elm, Rockview possibly.

The auctioneers, Hume, have another 6 properties there.

I’d have to set my phone to “don’t display number” the thought of being hounded by one of those snake oil salesmen makes me cringe as much as the language in the add, in any case "SEMI-DETACHED " and “UPMARKET DEVELOPMENT” do not compute in my book. My guess is Foxburrow. Curiosity may get the better of me though. Looks like a reasonable price (for now), not so good if it involves living in an unfinished ghost estate though.

Looking at the photos and the plans it could be one of these originally priced at €255,000 :angry:

100k mortgage 10% deposit over 25 years stress tested to 9% (not an unreasonable assumption) - €755.28pm.

Similiar house to rent - from 500pm upwards.

Edit to add - in 2001/2 similiar houses around 120k, friends of mine bought in and around P/Laois at the time.

99k is not far off the 110k or so being asked for any new 3-bed semi in Portlaoise, of which there are many currently for sale.

Cloonrosk Abbey
Marlborough Village
Rockview, etc,

So make an offer of 65k. Everything has a price at the minute.

Look at the satellite view, its a ghost estate…

Well I guess this is the same house www.daft.ie/1578379 now on at €89995 so it looks like it’s lost €10k in one week!
The crash is getting crashier

Looking at the photos it looks like they are two different house types.