Bank secures €3.45m judgment over unfinished Dalkey dev … 08584.html

This is his house that’s for sale


I wonder if the bank will go after his house and try selling it for 3.45m

Are judges able to keep a straight face when confronted with this I wonder.

More likely an exasperated shake of the head.

And sure aren’t the property developers actually entrepreneurs?

Sweet divine. How low has property development fallen?
“M’lord my client is clearly not a habitual developer. This was a first offence.”

These guys were king of the hill a few short years ago.
Every numbskull who built an extension on his South Dublin Semi-D was
calling himself a developer and had cleared out the porn stash to make room
for Property Ladder Re-Runs.

Now they’re talked about in hushed tones, and they down play their involvement like
a TD found wandering in the Phoenix Park after dark.


Is that not the former FF TD John Stafford? Also of Stafford undertalers?


Remember kids… -say ‘no’ to developing. Soft developing can lead to an addiction to harder developing.

With so many now fleeing abroad, the new term is ‘property elopers’.

That’s why they are paid the big bucks.

It doesn’t look like it.

Mr Stafford has some ‘form’ with the revenue, & they listed his income as from a ‘Tool Shop’.

So possibly this is the Stafford in question,

Before you know it you’ll be mainlining NAMA and robbing from the public purse in broad daylight.

Jesus, bad Flash developer, bad property developer, they must go hand in hand. Remember our friend Ciaran Maguire? Lovely site he had.

Seems there’s no stopping Ciaran (despite the reported vacated offices and disconnected phone lines):

Meh, who cares. Anyway, back on topic.