Bank Selling this house??

This house has been on the market for a long time, at least 2 years.
On the market for 375k (madness).

Dont know if there was any price drops before but i dont think so, Last week it dropped to 199k then to 175K

Phoned up today just to enquire (make sure price was correct), asked them if it was for sale by the previous occupier? they said they could not discuss the vendor. Is that normal, i’ve always asked that question while looking at houses and it was always answered.
After such a big drop in price and the vendor question, is it probably a repossessed house being sold by a bank?

Nice looking house.

Certainly a huge drop and same EA. Strange alright.

Seems to have had a bedroom removed and three bathrooms added.

Maybe if you leave it another year or two it be less than 100k but will have been converted to just 8 bathrooms?
Does it have any outside toilets? You can’t see from the pictures provided, but on .75 of an acre I’m sure they could add some there too.

A friend of mine was conducting a finanical review with a cleint the other day. The cleint was saying that he visited his BOI bank manager to discuss the closure of an account he had with 450K in it.

The manager offered him three houses for 100K if he would leave the 350K in the account…

Now I don’t know what type or condition the house are in but It shows Banks don’t want Bricks & mortar on the books…

Interesting times ahead…

Did the client work for Enron? :wink:

Why do you care who’s the vendor?

If people went to the trouble of installing property-bee ( then we’d be able to see the history, wouldnt we?

3 houses for 100k !!!

They must be desperate, surely there are very few houses that are actually worth less than 33k even today?

Or am I just very naive?

Do you? :wink:

350k + (three house for) 100k = 450k.

I don’t know, I’m was only throwing out what I heard. Is it that banks are prempting where the market bottom could lie???

They are not allowed to discus vendor details with you?

it wasnt long ago i saw signs in letterkenny for new houses for sale for 17000 punts. i think it was the late nineties. the price shocked me then(very low). perhaps we are going back to those days.
at the end of the day what is a house worth? perhaps its the material and labour costs in construction plus a few quid for the ground under it. most houses in ireland except self build are crapply constructed and to fullfil modern requirements for space, insulation and comfort need to be torn down. so perhaps they have very little value at all.

Maybe the bank manager meant three houses for €100k each, pick your favourite, leave the rest in the account, there’s a good boy.

Mahogany skirting boards … vomiit in my mouth