Bank turns to media in hunt for missing solicitor

Lads, anyone seen Thomas Byrne around?

Austin wants to have a meeting with him to tell him about how the next movement in interest rates will be down.

I had a quick look under the bed there… no joy.
I’ll try the shed in the back garden and the attic a little later on :slight_smile:

Two questions

Is there a reward?


Will any Thomas Byrne do?


Grab 'em all and let Austin sort them out!

I’m Thomas Byrne and so is my wife

solicitor get 75k

banks still getting 0 …

A property in Crumlin worth €1million? This John Kelly character, is he having money problems too? I seem to remember a story where he spent some obscene amount of money on his daughters 21st. Is there a reward I wonder? … 323581.ece

Who ultimately carries the can in situations such as that outlined in the above newspaper article?