Bankers have FF by the short and curlies.

No sacking of the boards of directors, no change of top management in Anglo…the bankers know where the bodies are burried and are holding FF to ransom.

… why stop at Ff they have the country as well.

That is incorrect.

yeah. half of it is. the wrong half. it sounds like you’re trying to defend the anglo/ff position which is beyond idiotic and to me only seems like you’re trying to provoke some sort of indignation or angry response. well congratulations. have mine. there was no sacking of the board of directors which is the part that really matters. the change in top management only came about inevitably. so what? we’re still fucked.

having said that, what the hell is the point of this thread? nothing new here we don’t already know. keep it to the anglo thread why don’t you?

also change your signature orwellgeorge. its putting me on life tilt. G. O. E. S. Goes.
how do you miss that? it shows up in every post you make.

Everyone seems to have FF by the short and curlies

Really? So where in the statement is there the following “I also note that all board members of Anglo, AIB and BOI have, at my strong urging, tenderd their resignation”. must have missed it…

Eh, the government have 75% of the voting rights for Anglo. They can now appoint 75% worth of directors to the board.

No one in Anglo can so much as fart without getting government approval.

everyone but the average joe. FF have them in a vice.

Yeah and they are stinking up the room

The thoughts of this is actually making me feel ill

where are the greens in all this, wouldnt they just pull the plug and call an election? Nobody could be as usleless as the dimwits in power at the moment. you get rid of Harney, Cowen, lenihan , coughlan to name the most useless at 1 go, thats got be worth something

If that actually changes anything I will be seriously impressed, but just for the sake of balance what the f*** were the government doing up until this point? I mean they were in charge while the banks were F***ing everyone over from joe public to joe small business and now they are gonna change :exclamation:

Definition of madness;- repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.

Because the Greens are the same spineless pawns of the establishment. But at least FF have now made no pretence that will screw over the ordinary people to support the wealthy and corrupt. In the absence of any real political opposition they can do what they want and remain in power indefinitely.

And FF have the average Joe by the short & curlies. My employer has just given me a ready reckoning of my January salary and that 1% makes more of a difference than I realised.

The government can appoint 100% of the directors.

The question is will they appoint any?

The academics had a right old field day today on this, blowing holes through the “plan”. Lucey and Ahearne on RTE1 and Today FM and Newstalk etc. Shocking bad deal all round

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Ouch, playing the guilt card. Don’t i feel embarrased. :blush: :unamused:

Well, if you’re actually dyslexic then i apologize. No offence intended.

None taken.