Banks' €280m dividend to State available in 'weeks' … 73000.html

That’ll make a huge difference.

I guess the government will have to give them €300 million to pay for it first though?

So we give them billions, they give us millions, and shortly we will have to give them even more billions.
Guess everythings rosy then.

Amazing the lengths people go to in order to keep up the pretence that all is well.
Such pathetic bullshit.

I don’t believe we will get the millions either, except in some bogus token held back from the recapitalisation way. In fact, thinking about it, that is exactly what will happen…

In glorious bank shares you mean !

Not even bank shares.

**An IOU **for bank shares in the future.

If(when) they turn out to be worthless.

Didn’t see this posted else where

Oh. Goodness. Guess there was no other way. Thanks for that!

Little bit more here from The Department of “Bury it on a Friday Evening” Finance … ry+2010&m=

Given that they didn’t and that was their avowed intention, you have to ask what, or indeed, who stopped them?

I wasn’t too far out in my calculation. We did a bit better. Their shares must have had a poor time of it since Jan 19th.

Anyone still holding BOI shares should sell now for whatever they can get. This is the clearest sign yet that they’re going to zero.

I presume our friends in AIB are facing a similar dilema???

In view of what has happened with BOI this evening and the reasons given is the same going to happen with AIB.

Will there be a sell off on both Banks shares on Monday? Is there any reason why AIB might not have it’s share holding diluted while BOI’s share holding is diluted?

Now where is that other thread about Brussels


Isn’t there a little matter about NAMA approval being slowly delayed from the same place. What are the odds on it getting full or immediate approval now, lengthening steadily I’d guess.

And right before the Eastenders special too. Sneaky!

Looks like the EU isn’t that pliant after all.

Does David Murphy have a clue?

“So how was the bank going to be able to repay the state so what’s happened is there’s been an agreement reached whereby the state …will be paid in ordinary shares.”
(Not an agreement, a white elephant of a gift based on BOI bye laws everyone would like to change but there isn’t time.
The “agreement” line is being pushed in the government press release. Maybe that’s where he got it.)

“That’s not something the state particularly wants but it really shows that you know other investors aren’t around.”
He’s cleaned up his act since losing out on the top job, but I think I liked it better when he was unintelligible as opposed to unintelligent.)

I think the BoI byelaws bit is a red herring. I don’t see that the EU competition authorities could allow BoI (and indeed AIB) to avoid paying common equity since this was the agreement they had for recapitalisation if the coupon could not be paid in cash (an agreement you have to think the EU had a hand in). The reasoning being that it would benefit the owners of BoI versus unrecapitalised banks that BoI got recapitalisation money for nothing. The same logic would have to be true of AIB.

Is this separate? … 0219112200

Presumably BOI and (maybe) also AIB stock prices will be obliterated on Monday morning? How could there be a positive spin put on this development sneaked in over a weekend?

NEVER A BETTER TIME TO BUY !!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: