Banks and Government abandoned us, say angry builders

If you listen closely, you can hear the violins.

How sad. Between train drivers, pilots and builders, I’m all cried out. It’s pretty ironic that the groups that have most to complain about never get the megaphone. Actually, it isn’t ironic at all, it makes perfect sense.

Sweet Mother of Mercy, excuse the shouting but WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE HOUSES!!!

Mr. Fergus, what bleedin’ “agreements” are being welched upon, I don’t remember too many being included in the programme of govt???

Mr. McHugh - bereft of ideas??? Here’s an idea to revive the housing market - DROP THE PRICES!!!

Jesus, these guys probably called us whingers and moaners a year ago, but this takes it to a new level!!!

Sorry about the rant - Ray Grehan just got on my nerves this morning!!!

Every hard nosed-capitalist, turns into a whining sponger when profits turn to losses.

Listen to them begging for state support so they can continue to live their helicopter lifestyle…and laugh at them. Laugh at them hahaha :laughing:

can you hear that? Thats the sound of the smallest record-player in the world playing “you’re breaking my heart”

Well he’s right there. I feel sorry for the fellas losing their jobs but I’m finding it pretty hard to feel sorry for the lads who are having to downgrade from helicopters. :unamused:

Exactly- he has not dropped the prices for his houses in Tuam and we looked at them about a year ago!

I have only one thing to say to these poor developers “Boo F**king hoo” if you keep putting your hand in the fire its gonna get burned and as the rest of the country has been burned by your ilk for a decade its time the boot was on the other foot.

Housing Market is not the Economy.
Housing Market is not the Economy.
Housing Market is not the Economy.
Housing Market is not the Economy.
Housing Market is not the Economy.

Unfortunately in Ireland it is and it probably seems much easier to try and prop up the building sector rather than make medium term plans for all the excess capital and labour that are no longer needed to build houses.

So the official response to the economic mess is - when you hit rock bottom…start digging.

Some fucking opposition :unamused:

It just goes to show you, not one of them have a clue,
They dont have a balls notion of what they need to do
to run the country in a bubble out of a bubble or after the bubble has burst.

They are like rabbits in the headlights of fate about to be run over by the juggernaut of decision but they cant see the trees for the grass nor will they learn to sniff the wind of progress instead of their own ass.

Game Over.

How can anyone hope to convince the public that this is a bad idea when both the government AND opposition are calling for it.

Forget the CIF, we know what they care about, but could FG not have suggested waiting until we see how the measures work in the UK before committing billions of much needed money to this madness.

Sometimes “Just Do Something” isn’t the best advice.


True, thats the same as saying what do you do when you find yourself in a hole? Stop digging, ok what do our government do? Hire a JCB. :unamused:

Didn’t work for Lisbon, did it ?

It would be fantastic if all the effort to build houses now went to building roads. Unfortunately, it will probably been many more tolls :frowning: