Banks Doing ANYTHING to fatten their margins

I am sure that some of ye remember ringing up the bank in the good times to get a tracker deal or a better tracker deal. Up to March this year it was a simple phonecall away and they shaved off 0.1% just because you called . Easy Peasy .

My brother got from 1% over ECB to 0.4% over ECB in 2006 by ringing back every few months. He is perfectly happy with his ECB+0.4% on his rather small mortgage . His bank were so nice and helpful. They thanked him for calling them. They always rang back . Hugs and Cups of Tea .

This poor person on AAM tried to do this in August 2007 .

Unlike here on the Pin and GHPC where Ole 2Pack personally warned ye long ago this would happen …nobody on AAM had the prescience to warn their sheeples of the margin widening risk .

The bank are ignoring the poor person and not going through with the deal they initially offered . The deal was to put them on ECB+.75% tracker which is an OK deal ( the best deals are ECB+.5% trackers

The Bank have them on an ECB+1.25% instead and are not answering the phone.

The better remortgage while they still can. ECB+1.25% will be a jolly good price for a mortgage by January 2008 I can assure yiz all yet again .