Banks face €1bn bad loans hit due to slowing domestic proper

Banks face €1bn bad loans hit due to slowing domestic property market


They know nuthin’ about nuthin’

Surely, “Nuttin’ about nuttin’”???

The worst case is very optimistic on Robopaddy although probably correct on Commercial.

**Robopaddy borrowed €40bn in 2006 alone. ** although he spent a few shekels on hard assets like BMWs .

I would worst case €10bn just for losses on residential and BTL specuvesting and Bulgarian stuff etc alone.

Thats €10bn+€4.6bn or €14.6 bn

As banks profits will decline in future years ANYWAY they will basically make no profit for 3 years I should think , maybe 4.

Brendan better dump AIB if he is reading this 8) . They will be dragged down with the others.

That’s a nasty piece of news on a friday. UBS have taken a good whack over the current market conditions so it seems they’re taking their punishment upfront, like the Americans.

Professor of Cute hoorology Canny Mcsavvy with a ‘lock’ of boi, aib and anglo shares hopes to be very cagey and ride out the storm.

It ain’t gonna happen.